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[Closed] Ryuujinjakka - Frost/fire mage

[Closed] Ryuujinjakka - Frost/fire mage
« on: January 05, 2018, 12:06:57 PM »
Character name: Ryuujinjakka

Battletag: Deimos#22966

Introduction - Let us get to know you! (Please include Gender, Age and Country)

Hello, my name's Muhammad, I'm from Dubai, currently an engineer student and I'm 20 years old :))

Please provide us with the following:
- Link to your armoury: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/twisting-nether/ryuujinjakka
- Personal warcraft logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/eu/twisting-nether/ryuujinjakka
- A screenshot of your UI: https://prnt.sc/hw4xyv
- Connection info results: http://prntscr.com/hwcsco
- Do you have a working microphone? Yes I do

Stats - Please explain your stats priority and explain why you are using these.
For Frost: Pretty much need to get the 33.34% crit cap due to how Shatter works for frost mages; Basically when the target is frozen, all of my frost spells have 3x the normal crit chance so, 33.34% should be equivalent to 100% when the target is frozen, other than that, it's pretty much haste and verse for a frost mage.

For Fire: It's Mostly Crit & mastery due to how the new t21 set works, although you need abit of haste, about ~21% ish after that it's value decreases on sims.

Talents - Please explain your talent choices for a single target fight or an add controlled fight. And why you choose these talents.

For frost: It's pretty much one build to go; LW/IF/SI/UM for single target, and for AOE, I go for Arctic Gale instead of Unstable Magic.

For fire: It's FS/RoP or IF/Flame On/UM/Kindling for pure single target. Rune of power or Incanter's flow depending on the boss fight, if it consists of alot of movement, then it's hard to make the most out of RoP. as for AOE, I would change Unstable Magic to Living Bomb or Flame Patch, depending on the fight again. If adds live long enough, then flamepatch is better, otherwise living bomb is better.

Resources - Please tell us sources you follow to keep up to date with your class:
Altered-time, a website for all kinds of guides for mages.
Mage discord, to follow up on the latest changes and research done by theorycrafters and adapt accordingly.
Warcraftlogs, to look up top logs for my class and potentially improve whenever I feel that I'm doing something wrong.

Raiding history:
I didn't really raid in any previous expansion, started mythic raiding in this expansion back in EN and managed to clear it on the last day before NH was released, after that, I transferred to a guild called Hyperion, they were 3/9 Mythic back then, and cleared out all of NH with them. Started ToS with them as well and cleared up to 5 bosses, and I left to join Intense Intents with a friend of mine and cleared ToS about 2-3 weeks before Antorus was released, and till now I've cleared 7 bosses with them so far.

Guild history and reason for leaving them:
Guild history is explained above, so I'll be explaining the reason of leaving my current guild; Basically, I'm leaving my current guild due to the fact that the GM is coming back this week and we're about to carry a friend of his throughout the tier as we have back in TOS and I cant be arsed doing that anymore, although we've talked to him many times but he insists.

Expectations - What do you expect from us and what can we expect from you:
I expect from you guys to be mature and have a friendly raid environment and clear out the tiers on good terms and have fun while clearing the content. You can expect my full support and all of my effort to enjoy, help and do my best to clear the content as fast as possible :p

Freetext - Anything else you wish to add? Your last chance to impress us!

Not really, however, I'm always more than happy to discuss things over at teamspeak as I have done in my previous guilds if there is anything that is not clear and to explain my spec more in depth if needed.
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Re: Ryuujinjakka - Frost/fire mage
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2018, 09:22:42 PM »
Hello Ryuujinjakka!

Thanks for applying to us here in Endless. Officers have reviewed your application, and we have a mage trial out this week. Depending on the result of this we would like to reconsider your application if you are still looking for a guild in the coming week.

Will leave the application open so you can respond, and let us know if you find another guild etc.

- Shim