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[Declined] SC - Balance Druid


[Declined] SC - Balance Druid
« on: December 21, 2017, 02:53:26 AM »
Hi! This isn't a normal application as such since I am already in the guild as a social. See the bottom for more details!

Character name:


Introduction - Let us get to know you! (Please include Gender, Age and Country)
Hi there! My name is Thomas Stenbakk, 36 from Norway. Former IT tech and IT teacher that got tired of that world and I am currently studying to be a commercial pilot. Married, no kids, one cat :)

Please provide us with the following:
- Link to your armoury: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/kazzak/sc
- Personal warcraft logs: No logs yet on this character
- A screenshot of your UI: https://www.dropbox.com/s/v349indg62gb22p/UI.jpg?dl=0 (A bit of WiP after changing to Moonkin, mostly ElvUI with a few personal modifications and addons on top)
- Connection info results: http://beta.speedtest.net/result/6895828239
- Do you have a working microphone? Yes

Stats - Please explain your stats priority and explain why you are using these.
Haste > Mastery for ST and Mastery > Haste for AoE, but Sim for accurate stat weights. Since I don't have an abundance of gear yet I don't have the luxury of having one dedicated ST and AoE set yet, but that's the plan if I get that far.

Talents - Please explain your talent choices for a single target fight or an add controlled fight. And why you choose these talents.
Since I miss a lot of legendaries to make certain setups work this becomes a bit academic. As I am also pretty new to Moonkin this will mostly be a regurgitation of what the guides recommend and common sense based on talent functions.
Dependant on fight:
Displacer Beast and Wild Charge depends on fight style, amount of movement, etc. Wild Charge does not trigger a GCD and has less recharge. Displacer Beast is a blink making it possible to avoid mechanics, but puts me in to cat form and wastes two GCD's.
Mighty Bash, Mass Entanglement, Typhoon will depend on fight. Mass Entanglement along with normal Entanglement is good for Aggramar while Typhoon is nice for Eonar and Coven.
Feral, Guardian and Restoration Affinity. Feral for movement speed, Guardian for survival and Restoration for general build. For raiding unless special situations require it Restoration is used.
Single Target: Starlord, Incarnation: Chosen of Elune, Blessing of the Ancients, Stellar Drift. Supports the single target spells, strong cooldown in Incarnation.
AoE: Starlord or Warrior of Elune, Soul of the Forest, Shooting Stars, Stellar Drift. Basicly the reverse of ST build, this one supports the AoE spells, making it possible to get more Star Fall's off and keeping multiple up with the right gear and AP generation.

Resources - Please tell us sources you follow to keep up to date with your class:
Druid Discord

Raiding history:
Vanilla: Started out as GM for a friends guild where we cleared MC and started BWL. The first summer break killed the guild and i joined Rush where i met Dez, Pplu and Ppfee. Cleared almost everything except the last few bosses in Naxx. Started as mage then changed to resto druid.
TBC: Cleared everything up to and including Brutallus with different guilds. Rush in the start before they disbanded, then a couple of other guilds. Started resto but quickly changed to bear tank and feral offspec. We had some good early kills here with pre-nerf Gruul and top 100 original Kara clears if I remember correctly.
WotLK: Raided with NR (New Rush). Killed everything here. Some hardmodes, but far from all.
Cata: A bit of a on and off expansion for me. Did BoT and Throne, but not BD. Got a bit tired and took my longest break from WoW from here on out to the end of MoP.
MoP: As mentioned didn't do much here. Came back a few weeks before WoD and got in a farm guild to gear up.
WoD: Started out with the farm guild I joined in MoP, but they where struggling in Highmaul. Felt like something new and joined a rerollers guild. Did a bit better and cleared HM and most of BRF. Due to differences of oppinion this guild eventually disbanded as well, and I started my real life plans to change profession.
Legion: Came back for Legion and rolled a Demon Hunter. Joined a friends guild that where having major issues with The Emerald Nightmare normal, no raid leader and they wanted me to fill that role. I didn't have the time for it with my current real life situation, so that was it for me in Legion until I came back a few weeks ago and joined Chaos Legion. Played as Havoc in ToS HC and Mythic up to Sisters. Started out in Antorus but where having some issues with clearing the last couple of bosses in HC.

Guild history and reason for leaving them:
To many to remember over the years! Have been in some small friends guilds just for social when not being an active raider, so I don't remember the names of all of them sadly. Some of the ones that stuck are listed. Mostly I have left guilds due to RL commitments or inactivity.
-Cult of Muabrednuw. Vanilla. Disbanded due to summer inactivity.
-Rush. Vanilla and start of TBC.
-Thule. TBC. Left because of guild drama amongst officers.
-NR. WotLK
-Reboot. Reroller guild in WoD.
-Chaos Legion. Followed friends to Endless.

Expectations - What do you expect from us and what can we expect from you:
I joined the guild mostly because I was following friends, but I also hope that I can make it a new WoW home for the forseeable future. Since I have changed back to my druid I won't apply as a Mythic raider. I don't have the legendaries, gear or experience with this spec yet to be of any use in that regard. See this application more as a introduction of myself. I hope there might be a spot in HC as I gear up and might be of use later on. If I ever get to a level where I can be of use in a raiding situation I am happy to help. Due to my current studies I will have periods next spring where I will be off for class and exams, and from the summer of 2018 I will continue my flight training and might be even more on and off. What happens after that I don't know. I am a bit of a perfectionist, trying to read up on my class and spec to maximize performance. I am used to raid in guilds where I take responsability of my own actions, and analyze why something went wrong and how to improve it. Any feedback is good feedback as long as it's constructive. Whining, complaining, drama, screaming or just general bad manners lead nowhere. When I raid I come prepared with my own food, flasks and pots (most likely enough in my bags for the rest of the expansion :P). I'm on time and I don't like slack.

Freetext - Anything else you wish to add? Your last chance to impress us!
If you are in the Bergen area come fly with me! :D

And sorry for the wall of text. I usually get a bit carried away with these things :)
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Re: SC - Balance Druid
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Hello SC!

Thanks for applying to us here in endless. Officers have decided to decline your application due to low current experience. You are welcome to stay in the guild as a social, as you are a mate of Dez. And even join some of our hc runs, but thats about it!

- Shim