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[Declined] Dyce - Fury Warrior

[Declined] Dyce - Fury Warrior
« on: March 22, 2017, 06:30:21 PM »
Character name:
Dyce (However this name isn't available on your server)


Introduction - Let us get to know you! (Please include Gender, Age and Country)
Well my name is Chris, I'm a 25 year old Scottish Freight Forwarder and Dangerous Goods Supervisor currently living in Coventry and I've been playing this game for just about 12 years now.

Please provide us with the following:
- Link to your armoury: http://eu.battle.net/wow/character/twisting-nether/Dyce/
- Personal warcraft logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/5697800/latest/
- A screenshot of your UI: http://imgur.com/a/ECl5H
- Connection info results: http://beta.speedtest.net/result/6153149560.png
- Do you have a working microphone? Yes

Stats - Please explain your stats priority and explain why you are using these.
Fury - Haste to 20% > Mastery
Sims have determined that these are the strongest stats for me to go for as a fury warrior, mastery starts simming better after 20% haste because you get another GCD into your battle cry at 20% and you won't get another GCD until 30% haste which there isn't much point because you lose too much mastery trying to achieve that and will sim lower until Tomb of Sergaras (speculative) as you'll generally start getting more haste with higher ilvl gear

Talents - Please explain your talent choices for a single target fight or an add controlled fight. And why you choose these talents.
There are only 2 talent changes for a fury warrior depending on the fight,
Tier 1 - War Machine (30% haste/MS on target death) for any fight that allows me to keep at least 50% buff uptime / if I can't achieve this I will stick with Endless Rage (baseline 30% extra rage gen) - These are purely dps increases depending on how well I play
Tier 2 - Shockwave if needed or double charge for high mobility fights - Shockwave for aoe stun or double charge if a fight demands more than 1 charge per 10 seconds, Helya is a good example for blob switching and P2 mobility however if the setup is lacking stuns for, if you group up adds, in P2, shockwave could be better.

Every other talent is currently baseline for fury warriors (with the exception on T1 / T2 / T4)

Resources - Please tell us sources you follow to keep up to date with your class:
Mainly warrior discord and talking with min maxing/theorycrafting warriors

Raiding history:

Zul Gurub 7/8
Karazhan, SSC and 3/4 TK cleared with Ghost Council, 4/4 TK, 5/5 Hyjal, 9/9 BT, 5/6 SWP Pre Nerf
Cleared Naxx 02/02/2009
3 Drakes Sarth 12/02/2009
Ulduar Normal - 04/08/2009
Iron Council heroic - 08/05/2009
XT-002 Deconstructor heroic - 22/05/2009
FL +4 17/06/2009
ICC 12/12 Normal
6/12 Heroic (Lord Marrowgar, Lady Deathwhisper, Gunship, Rotface, Festergut, Council)
BWD 6/6 Normal, 4/4 BOT Normal, 2/2 TOFW Normal,
7/7 Firelands Normal, 2/7 Heroic, Shannox & Lord Rhyolith
Dragon Soul - 8/8 Heroic
Throne of Thunder - 12/12 Normal
Siege of Orgrimmar - 3/14 Mythic
Highmaul - 4/7 Mythic
BRF - 2/10 Mythic

HFC - 14/14 Mythic - 494th Archimonde

EN - 7/7 Mythic - 545th Cenarius

TOV - 2/3 Mythic

NH - 7/10 Mythic

Guild history and reason for leaving them:

Vanilla: Ghost Council
Burning Crusade: Ghost Council (Left with friends to pursue (semi) hardcore progress) / WMC (Server Transfer)
WOTLK: Regenerated (Guild disband due to leadership stress), S C U M (Guild went Casual)
Cataclysm: Palladium (Guild disband)
Mists of Pandaria: Ghost Council (Guild went to PVP), SKYLIGHT
Warlords of Draenor: SKYLIGHT (Guild stopped raiding due to recruitment issues)

Warlords of Draenor: The Reckless (New job resulting in being unable to raid to their schedule)

Legion: Lycen Fel (Bad raiding attitude and abusiveness from Raid Leader)

Legion: Revelations (Would like to be raiding in top 500+)

Expectations - What do you expect from us and what can we expect from you:

That the guild does its all to push itself to achieve the highest possible rankings, outside (farming) and inside (performance & consistency) of raiding environments
That the guild and it's raiders critique all raiders equally and without discrimination
That the guild and raiders do not use verbal abuse and cussing as a way of telling someone they did something wrong

Freetext - Anything else you wish to add? Your last chance to impress us!

I am a very fast learner and adapt very quickly to mechanics/tactics/classes, I'm the type of person who isn't really ever satisfied with my own performance and will always try and analyse logs or look at my own video recordings of the boss fights and look at where I may have done better. (When I look at my performance I don't limit myself to just checking dps, it is also reducing damage taken, getting mechanics done smoothly and reducing dead time (time where nothing is happening) as much as possible, finding shortcuts or tricks to make a fight easier)

Should you need any additional information feel free to contact me, thanks for taking the time to look at my application.

Best Regards
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Re: Dyce - Fury Warrior
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Hello Dyce!

Thanks for applying to us here in Endless. Officers have decided to decline your application due to low progress. We see that you had 3 mythic, then joined another guild. Got another 3 kills without progressing them at all. You also write that you have 7 Mythic kills but you only have 6.

We wish you the best of luck onwards!
- Shim