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Thun's Ret /and other/ stuff

Thun's Ret /and other/ stuff
« on: May 03, 2017, 02:54:32 PM »
Hey all, just posting this here so i can keep some of my WA stuff in one place, as well as anyone who wants to can use them freely :) I'll do some nice screenshots of how it looks and explain what most stuff does somewhen too. Might turn this into a sort-of helpful place for ret (and useful/cool things i do for other specs and situations) with time.

Ret WA's for all general purpose ability cd's, visual reminders, holy power and anything really.

Sub Rogue WA's trying out a lot of new layouts and ways to track stuff, but i really enjoy these so far.
The energy bar changes colors depending on what kind of spells can you use (GREY for nothing(<25), PURPLE for Nightblade(25-35), YELLOWISH for eviscerate/backstab/shuriken storm/feint/symbols (35-70/40) and RED for shadowstrike(40+) while under stealth effects and while over 70 energy outside stealth, where its safe to pop dance/vanish etc to go in with near max energy)
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