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Guild Information
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Welcome to Conscious and thank you for considering us!

Conscious is a continuation of the guild Endless that was disbanded by the "GM". The guild is continuing under the same leadership of Endless by keeping both the Raid Leader and Officers. We continue to be a mythic progression guild aiming for great progress while keeping to a manageable schedule and a semi-hardcore attitude. Our goal is to always improve with each tier both on an individual level and when it comes to our systems and methods. We have in-house addons/spreadsheets/guides and raid tests to help us achieve just that. We put a lot of time in to preparation for each raid tier rather than having split raids and increase raid hours which is the more common route guilds take.

Raiding Schedule

We aim to achieve solid progression despite our 3 raid days per week

Wednesday – Thursday – Monday from 20:30-23:30.

This is a shorter raid schedule than most guilds so we value time very highly. Our raids are run very efficiently with minimum downtime so we can maximize our time on progression.

Trial Period:

During farm: Minimum of 3 weeks, officers reserve the right to extend. Reason for this being that we only raid 1 night a week at this point. And we want to see more of you as a raider.
During progress: Minimum of 2 weeks, officers reserve the right to extend.

Our Requirements

- Close to 100% attendance.
- We require players who know their class inside out and can push themselves to perform exceptionally, even when given specific jobs to do.
- Must be able to speak and communicate on our Teamspeak server, sponsored by TEH WARRiORS.
- Keeping up to date with all changes and theorycrafting to maximize your play. Being able to play all specs is a must for DPS classes that have the option to.
- Not only this but we expect raiders to show up on time prepare for whatever boss we are taking on. This includes reading up on tactics, watching videos etc, anything we can do to prepare us for the fight.
- Able to take constructive criticism.
- We want players that are progression orientated rather than trying to get parses, we also expect everyone to care about the guild rather than be individualistic.

What you can expect from us:

- A stable raiding environment with passionate raiders.
- Our goal is to always clear current raid content on the hardest difficulty as fast as possible, while not letting the game interfere with our real lives.
- We test bosses on PTR/beta/alpha, to prepare ourselves for the upcoming raids.
- We have a very passionate Raid Leader who always posts a fight specific thread on the forums before we reach each new boss, which has an overview for each class and specific roles people need to take on.
- Outside of raiding, we have a friendly environment. All raiders are encouraged to be social on our guild WhatsApp chat; this helps us get to know each other, and communicate in-game activities. And share dank memes.
- Because of our successful boosts we are able to provide any consumable and item enhancements our raiders could possibly want such as cauldrons, gems, codex etc.

Loot System:

Here in Conscious we have a Loot Council consisting of 3 of our own raiders. Every item is considered an upgrade for the guild, and not you as an individual therefore any item that can be traded will be traded to the loot council which then decides who it is a larger upgrade for. In short we are trying to retain as much as possible from Master Loot.


Conscious is keeping its professional boost team where we boost multiple players through current content for in-game gold. These runs happen once progress is completed and have been very successful in the previous expansions with a turnover of 175M gold that has been shared with our raiders and the guild bank.

Guild Rules

1. Treat others as you yourself want to be treated.
2. Respect other member’s opinions and religions.
3. We have strict no drama policy. Causing drama can result in being removed from the guild.
4. Be prepared for raids. Be on time and know tactics. Mythic tactics will be posted in the Strategies board. Only say what is important during raids. ‘wtf killed me’ is not important.
5. Guild progression over personal progression. Being a team player is key. Only thinking about yourself, your gear and DPS meters will result in a removal from our roster. Mechanical performance over parses.
6. You must be able to take constructive criticism and drop the ego. We are only trying to help each other.
7. Do not participate in any activity that will put your account at risk. In other words do not violate Blizzard's terms.
8. Always set a good example as a player when interfering with others in game. Be the bigger person. You represent us as a member of the guild, and we do not want a bad reputation for bad player attitude/behavior.
9. Keep up to date with your class, including theorycrafting, always try to push yourself and your limits.
10. Do not be introverted if you have any sort of issue. Talk to officers and they will do their best to solve your problem however small it may be. We want to make sure you are happy here.
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