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[Accepted] Landstarex - (The better spec) Warrior

[Accepted] Landstarex - (The better spec) Warrior
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Landstarex - Twisting Nether


Introduction - Let us get to know you! (Please include Gender, Age and Country)
Oi. I'm 24 y/o neckbeard, originally from Romania but currently residing in the glorious UK.

Please provide us with the following:
- Link to your armoury: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/eu/twisting-nether/Landstarex
- Personal warcraft logs: 
Current char/progress: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/eu/twisting-nether/landstarex#partition=1
Old char/ NH>Early Antorus: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/eu/silvermoon/landstarex#zone=13&partition=1
Old char/ Early Antorus>End of antorus FOTM reroll: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/eu/twisting-nether/landster#zone=17
- A screenshot of your UI: https://imgur.com/a/zqLjXvx
- Connection info results: https://www.speedtest.net/result/8110727396 Just UK internet. To be fair, i did do it with some network demanding software open because i was mid updating some stuff while i did this application. It may not be the fastest, but it is highly reliable. Never had an issue, usually hanging @20-30ms in raids.
- Do you have a working microphone?

Stats - Please explain your stats priority and explain why you are using these.
I'm at a point where Haste=Mastery=Crit>Vers>STR. I just switch it depending on content. Ill go for more crit along with 2x CSHB if i do M+ or generally cleaving stuff, Mastery with 3x RF for ST and PVP. Haste always king because i like the spell sequence lag that comes during bloodlust.

Talents - Please explain your talent choices for a single target fight or an add controlled fight. And why you choose these talents.
Fortunately for me, we use the same set of talents for every content out there, except for the mobility tier.I am, however, mentally prepared and geared to play arms should we need the extra aoe burst or cheese mechanics like Mythic Jaina arms with 3xTOM and Collateral for easy 35-40k dps during last phase *wink**wink* which isnt probably necessary as Jaina's elemental got massively nerfed as of writing this.

Resources - Please tell us sources you follow to keep up to date with your class:
Skyhold. Although i figure most of the stuff on my own before they're even posted by our lord, saviour and theorycrafter Archi. I can but "feel" what is best but he's the one who gives my numbers.

Raiding history:
Nothing relevant > EN
NH - 8/10M
TOV - CE - 3/3M Although it has been made well into the patch, when we were considerably outgearing the content.
TOS - 7/9M - One of my biggest regrets since playing WoW has been not progressing and killing Mythic KJ.
Antorus - 11/11M - CE - 1283World
Uldir - 8/8M - CE - 679World
BOD - 7/9M - In progress...

Guild history and reason for leaving them:
-EQ - Ragnaros -  The result of a merge for attempting Mythic raiding. Went poorly.
-Dacian Wolves - Silvermoon - Pretty much the first time i actually attempted Mythic raiding. I just discovered Mythic raiding and i wanted to push and progress while they were a bit too laid back. Stayed with them until people stopped logging in, and it eventually, died.
-Twisted - Twisting Nether - Great people, i love every single one of them. However, the guild is but a group of players with common interests, in this case, mythic raiding/progression. I'm afraid a recent career change does not allow me to raid with them anymore.

Expectations - What do you expect from us and what can we expect from you:
What i expect, at this point, is just to be able to raid. Raiding is why i still play this game. That being said, i will show interest and invest time proportionally with the guild. If the guild is pushing and tryharding, so will I, in and outside the raiding hours. I will farm my stuff, i will do the research, i will prepare myself in every possible way and ill perform at the best of my ability. If the guild is just looking to get CE by the end of the patch and thats it, ill probably end up just logging to raid and that's it. I would love if the guild aimed for the "Hall of Fame" each raid tier. I will go the extra mile for that.

What you can expect from me, is a highly competitive player, hungry for progress. I will always choose to play whats best over what i enjoy, hence the topic title. Easily adaptable, i can be the most serious, tryharding raider you have, if that is the atmosphere. If y'all send memes on discord while waiting for that mage to die so you can release, i can do that as well. My collection has over 9832 memes, most dead, but fun nevertheless.

Freetext - Anything else you wish to add? Your last chance to impress us!
<Endless> is one of the very few competitive guilds that actually raid at a time that allows me to have the 100% attendance i once had. That being said, my only choice right now is either join you ( or a couple of other guilds ) or might as well quit the game, therefore, i will go the extra mile. Even tho i have most experience playing warrior, i will reroll if i have to. It takes me less than 2 weeks to learn and to perform to mythic-level with any spec.

I understand that you're mid Jaina progress and it is only normal that you wont swap anyone for whatever reason. As such, I'm willing to sit out for the rest of the progress of the raiding tier. If anything, ill join farm and you can actually see me play and reach a competent conclusion by the next raid tier.

Looking forward to hearing from you and sorry if i made this a bit too light-hearted for your taste.
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Re: Landstarex - (The better spec) Warrior
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I cannot seem to find the Edit option for the post.

Just wanted to add, that as far as UI is concerned, it is constantly under construction, and just in case any1 wonders why i have a big black case in the middle of my screen, it is simply an encounter information "tab". It tells me which debuffs the group lacks while not in combat, and it all disappears to make room for the dbm countdowns and encounter-specific WAs.

Also Ghuun kill vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1g25P7ETss&feature=youtu.be
And yes, i'm fully aware of the mistakes I've made in that particular pull.


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Re: Landstarex - (The better spec) Warrior
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Thank you for applying to us here in Endless. Officers have decided to accept your application and offer you a trial spot in our guild.

Please prepare for the upcoming raid and download our requested addons- you can find everything you need in our forum under "Strategies". Please also request access on our spreadsheet found on our forum.

You may also whisper anyone for a guild invite.

Welcome and good luck!
All my addons can be found on Curse!