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[Decllined] Rettorix- Retribution Paladin/Demon Hunter

[Decllined] Rettorix- Retribution Paladin/Demon Hunter
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Character name:


Introduction - Let us get to know you! (Please include Gender, Age and Country)

Hello, my name is Andreas, Iím 19 years and from Denmark! I am a very young, sweet and dedicated person that always try to push my own limits regardless if it's real life or WoW. I'm currently study a lot at College, but that doesn't stop me from playing the game I played since I was 8 years old. I was introduced to WoW by my older brother and he has taught me many things through the years. It all started from Wrath and since then my evolution as a player has been growing since day one. I became better and better by the years and from the very beginning I played a lot of classes because I wanted to find my own "match" one day. I decided I wanted to play Retribution Paladin because I just enjoyed it in general and I became good at it, especially in mythic raiding. Mythic raiding is one my top favorite things on WoW and M+. M+ has always been a thing for me in WoW and Iím always trying to push high keys. I played and pushed a lot of keys in Legion, in fact I was Nr. 1 World Retribution Paladin in Legion Post-season and Nr. 2 World in BFA Pre-season. My M+ pushing has been lowered a bit in BFA and Iím currently planning to push it up again, though on my Demon Hunter because Retribution Paladin isn't that great in AoE wise compared to Legion. Also, because Demon Hunter has become a lot more stronger and funnier to play. You donít really want a Retribution Paladin in M+ anymore. I'm always trying to optimize both of my character to the strongest level equally and bring whatever is best for the raiding-team. Beside the things that are mentioned above, I do also want to say Iím a calm person and love to play the game with my friends as well!

Please provide us with the following:
- Link to your armoury:
- Personal warcraft logs:
Rettorix warcraft logs (legion/privat): https://imgur.com/a/LUQSEHc
Rettorix warcraft logs (bfa/privat): https://imgur.com/a/PBxMEyN
Demonwithhin warcraft logs (bfa/privat): https://imgur.com/a/jOWGbNf

- A screenshot of your UI: (You can upload to imgur.com)
UI of Rettorix and Demonwithhin: https://imgur.com/a/8SfbTFf

- Connection info results: http://www.speedtest.net/result/7867157414
- Do you have a working microphone? Yes

Stats - Please explain your stats priority and explain why you are using these.

Rettorix: Strength> Haste> Crit=Vers= Mastery
Demonwithhin: Agility>Haste> Vers>Crit> Mastery

Both stats priorities are based on icy veins and it will never be the completely 100% same because you always using simulation craft or raidbots to figure out what stats weight is best for your character. Therefore, Iím also using raidbots a lot to stats weight and other things while having Pawn as addon in-game. Those things are a huge help and itís a really good way to becoming a good player while optimizing your character to the highest level.

Moving on to stats priority explanation for Retribution Paladin. Haste is really good for Retribution Paladin and itís simply increases my attack speed while lowering my global cooldowns of my abilities. Additionally, haste is really important for you on a single target fight because as said it doesnít only lower cooldowns, but also those who are important for an execution. For an example letís take Hammer of Wrath. Hammer of Wrath is the most important spell as Retribution Paladin when facing an execution on a boss and therefore you want to spam it as much as you can. Crit and Vers is quite similar for Retribution Paladin and therefore not a lot to say about rather that vers is a bit higher for me currently. Mastery increases all my holy damage done by my abilities and itís not that bad as people might think so. Haste is my highest and best stat of stat priorities in pawn on a single target fight while mastery is highest and best on more targets.

Moving on to stats priority explanation for Demon Hunter. Haste is fine for Demon Hunter, but Iím not really impressed by it so much compared to vers because the weight difference is so huge even though the haste reduces the cooldown of blade dance and immolation aura. Therefore, vers is also insanely good and itís also my best stats weight currently on a single target fight. Crit has really impressed me and itís gives a lot of good burst damage on bosses and adds. It is also one of the stats I need to optimize most and the weight of crit is currently the 2nd highest secondary stat while vers being the best for my Demon Hunter. Mastery I guess is ďokayĒ because it increases my chaos damage by (%) and increases my movement speed, but itís a stat I wouldnít prefer a lot on because the others are stats are so much better- for an example vers/crit.         
Talents - Please explain your talent choices for a single target fight or an add controlled fight. And why you choose these talents.

Talent choices for a single target fight for Retribution Paladin:

T15: Righteous Verdict - Righteous Verdict increases my Templarís Verdict damage by 15% for 6 sec after casting Templarís Verdict. Mainly you always want to use Righteous Verdict as the talent for single target because it always gives you this 15% extra damage when using Templarís Verdict, which can be extremely strong with bursting cooldowns and trinket etc.

T30: Fires of Justice, Blade of Wrath or Hammer of Wrath? Ė Fires of Justice reduces the cooldown of Crusader Strike by 15% and gives it a 15% chance to reduce the cost of your next Holy Power spender by 1. Blade of Wrath doubles the proc rate of my ďArt of WarĒ (4 proc pr. minute) and it increases my Blade of Wrath spell by 25% damage. Hammer of Wrath is the Retribution Paladins best execution spell so far in this tier and the cooldown of the spell is reduced more based on your haste. It is only usable against target who is at 20% or under and you can choose between having Avenging Wrath or Crusade when doing Hammer of Wrath. Hammer of Wrath is currently the most recommended talent choice for this tier and it deals significant damage to the boss on an execution fight and gives extra Holy Power when casting it. It can also help building up your holy power if the adds are more than 20 yards away with only 20% health left, which can be useful. Therefore, I also myself recommend Hammer of Wrath.

T45: Blinding Light - is an active ability and it has a cooldown of 1.5 minute. When using blinding light, it disorients all enemies within 10 yards while dealing non-holy damage to the target. Currently Iím using blinding light because it can be really good for raid situations sometimes and it help sometimes when disorients the target.

T60: Wake of Ashes - Wake of Ashes is one of my strongest abilities as a Retribution Paladin and therefore Iím mainly using it as my main resource right now. It has a cooldown of 45 seconds and does massive amount of radiant damage to all enemies in front of myself within 12 yards and reduce their movement speed by 50%. It can also stund undead and demons while always giving me 5 Holy Power when using it.

T75: Cavalier Ė Right now Iím using Cavalier as my talent because it gives me a lot of movement speed in raid when I need to get into position again/do other important mechanic things. Cavalier makes my divine steed have 2 charges instead of one while the cooldown of each divine steed is 45 seconds.

T90: Selfless Healer - Iím using selfless healer as a talent because it reduces my cooldown of Flash of Light by 25% and it increases the healing of Flash of Light by 10%. However, it needs 4 stacks to do that. You can also go with Word of Glory, but right now I simply prefer the selfless healer for Retribution Paladin and also the choice is based on your preference as well.

T100: Divine Purpose, Crusade or Inquisition? Ė In the beginning of BFA and the new raid Uldir everyone as Retribution Paladin would go for Inquisition as talent while having Avenging Wrath. On that time Inquisition was the best because the other talents where not so viable for single target fights and crusade got nerfed right after Legion ended, which made Inquisition being the path for Uldir until now. In the new patch Retribution Paladin got 2 new azerite traits (Lightís Degree and Empyrean Power). Lightís Degree replaced the Zealotry trait as we know, and Empyrean Power replaced the trait called Divine Right. The Divine Purpose talent got nerfed from 30% to 20% when dealing damage or healing. The good thing about Divine Purpose is that it now can chain proc, which can now be more powerful in Aoe situations. Crusade has become really powerful with the new patch and with the new trait (Lightís Degree) because not only it deals 1,2k damage per holy power spent, but it also increases your duration of either your Avenging Wrath spell or Crusade by 5 sec. Itís a very strong spell right now. More and more people have started to use Crusade because of the new trait with the new patch and it has also become one of the most recommended choices for most situations in raids. I would say you should go for Inquisition as talent, but that would be totally wrong of me. Right now, Iím switching between having Inquisition and Crusade depending on the length of the boss fight and what other top Retribution Paladin uses in raid.

Talent choices for an add controlled fight for Retribution Paladin:

I will use all of the talents I have above for my add controlled fight, but I will be switching Hammer of Wrath and Inquisition with Fires of Justice and Divine Purpose instead. Fires of Justice is really good spell because not only it reduces the spell of Crusader Strike by 15%/have a 15% chance to reduce the cost of your next Holy Power by 1, but it also good if you want to gain a lot damage gaining while not having bursting cooldowns up. Divine Purpose is definitely the choice for an add controlled fight and itís really good in constant aoe situations even though it got nerfed by 10%. It can also now chain proc, which make the spell itself even more powerful when facing a boss with a lot of adds that needs to be cleaved down.

Talent choices for a single target fight for Demon Hunter:

T99: Blind Fury

T100: Immolation Aura

T102: Trail of Ruin

T104: Netherwalk/Soul Rending

T:106 First Blood

T:108 Unleashed Power or Fel Eruption Ė I would personally go with Fel Eruption because itís a really good spell, which can be very useful for locking down a priority target while it gives a stund on the target for 4 seconds. Also, the spell is really good because if you go without, I feel like you are lacking with a stund on your class.

T110: Demonic

Everything is pretty much the same whether you take this for a single target fight or an add controlled fight. The only difference is that you only want to swap Trail of Ruin out with Fel Barrage for an add controlled fight such as Mother, ZekíVoz or Mythrax.
Resources - Please tell us sources you follow to keep up to date with your class:
Icyveins, paladin discord, demon hunter discord, warcraft logs, raidbots, looking at Narcolies/Retolies and the top demon hunters etc.

Raiding history:

Uldir 8/8 M CE

Antrous, the burning throne: 11/11 M CE

Tos 8/9 M Ė was close getting CE, but we never finished KJ and never got through the darkness phase

Nighthold 8/10 M- never achieved CE on Gulídan, but got him shortly after the tier ended

Tov 2/3 M- never achieved CE on Helya, but got her shortly after the tier ended

EN- I started doing heroic back then and was a bit unsure about raiding mythic in the beginning of legion. I got a lot more comfortable with my time spending in legion while experiences and knowledge kept growing each tier. Never achieved CE in EN, but I killed all the bosses on Mythic later on.

Guild history and reason for leaving them:

Those previous guilds I was in and find relevant right now is Relevations and Perfection. I was in a guild called Relevations on TwistingNether. Everything was really nice, but when we came to Argus on Mythic it went completely the opposite. People didn't take it enough seriously and some of the good people got irritated and therefore left. It ended up with the guild disbanding while I still was there. Afterwards I came to TarrenMill and joined the guild called Perfection. I never wanted to leave Perfection, but I never had the chance to stay anymore and raid (only be there as social). I am no longer raiding in Perfection anymore because the officers felt missing bops. In general, I think they meant I didn't used bop on Fetid Devourer for the tanks in last ph. I kept using bop for myself on Fetid Devourer because of the knockback and still wanna do a lot of damage while having burst up etc. Apparently, that was wrong of me because one of the officers said, "ret can you stop bop yourself" and I said "yes, of course". The officer only said it after when I already did bop myself multiple times and I didn't see anything wrong in that before he said it. Never got kicked but demoted to social and that's was the reason why I got benched a lot. Been in the guild since Marts and been one of the top dps they had during my time (around 7-8 months now). I have improved myself a lot while being in Perfection (personal/player wise). I improved myself so much in this guild and therefore I did high legendary logs during Antrous, the Burning Throne than most of the Retribution Paladin in Legion did. I'm sad about their decision, but I really enjoyed being in Perfection as long I could.

Shortly after I joined a guild called Disposition (World 163) and my first thought was this could only be amazing until I knew about the ĎsecretsĒ within there from friends. The guild is well-known for boosting people through mythic, but what I didnít knew about was the GM of the guild took 90% gold of the boost. He uses it to sustain his own real life and he literally manipulates people and use them for his own good. A lot of people or some I know has left the guild because of this statement and Iím going to do the same. It seems that every officer in the guild are quiet about this gold manipulation thing and I can also see there is only 1339 gold in the guild bank currenty. I think honestly also the officers is getting gold for this. The GM of the guild can also be very toxic sometimes towards people and sometimes I heard him saying ďshut upĒ to people. This is not something I personally want to participate in and I feel like I belong somewhere else, a better and worthier place. I have been in the guild since October 13th and I don't enjoy being here at all. The reason I been in the guild until now is because I was a lot busy outside wow and was just studying a lot on that time. Also, when we about to do a pull timer and some people including myself clicked "not ready", the pull timer is still going on and that's really annoying as well. The officer who do that simply donít care about if you need 2 seconds extra. 

Expectations - What do you expect from us and what can we expect from you:

What I expect for Endless is that we treat and respect each other equally, progression at the highest level the guild can provide, people are prepared for the upcoming fights and tactics, clear commination and orders from the leader. I also expect a nice raiding environment in the guild and that people like myself have the same goal to achieve each tier.

You can always expect me to be prepared and have read on each tactic on each boss in the upcoming tiers through BFA. I will always do my best in raids whether itís progression or farm raids while being a team player as much as possible. I will also optimize my main character as much as possible for the new tiers, so it can be stronger than it was before. A guy who have the exact same goal as you have every tier and will do whatever it takes to achieve that within the guild. 

Freetext - Anything else you wish to add? Your last chance to impress us!

I think I came through many things in my application to you guys and therefore I do not have so much to say rather than thank you and I hope you guys really will be considering me. I know a priest in your guild called Asphalosa and she is really outstandable player in general and extremely good at playing Shadow and Disc. She can probably vouch for me. I have known her since the end of Legion. Hoped you liked my application! 😊   

-   Rettorix

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Re: Rettorix/Demonwithhin- Retribution Paladin/Demon Hunter
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Hello Rettorix!

Thank you for applying to us here in Endless. Officers have decided to decline your application, due to stronger applicants.

We wish you the best of luck onwards
- Shim