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Jaina Mythic
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1. Mythic Abilities
2. Strategy
3. Positioning
4. WAs

1. Mythic Abilities
Gathering Power & Freezing Blood
The most noticeable difference on mythic is that the custom energy bar that tracks the power of the storm. It goes from 0-100 energy and at different intervals there are different effects and requirements. If you ever break the requirement you will face freezing blood a 6 second debuff that will turn you in to an ice block (just like when you get 20 stacks of Chilling Touch or get hit by the Ring of Ice etc) unless you meet the requirements again before the timer runs out or if you are standing in a patch of fire (Searing Pitch) any ice block that would have been formed will immediately disappear. This goes for ice blocks caused for any reason as long as you stand on a patch of fire you can not become an ice block, the barrels in phase 2 have the same effect. This does however not mean that the freezing blood will reset once you step in to a patch of fire it only means that if the debuff runs out while you stand in a patch of fire it will not cause you to go in to an ice block and instantly tick down again. Back to the requirements at 0-49 energy you need to stack with at least 1 other person within 10 yards at 49-74 energy instead of 1 its 3 other players and at 75-100 you need to stack with 5 other players. In addition to stacking when the storm reaches 100 energy it will also reduce the vision and targeting similarly to the first transition as well as giving Chilling Touch stacks at a fast rate if you compare it to phase 2 frequency.

Note that the storm never goes away it can only change in the amount of energy meaning that freezing blood is not something that comes on a timer but rather an in real time check of if you are stacking with enough players as soon as you do not meet the requirements at any time you will receive the debuff.

Frozen Siege
She will rather frequently freeze one of the catapults preventing us from using it, to make it functional again we have to break the ice block by attacking it. It can happen on either side and while she only freezes 1 at the time multiple catapults can be frozen if not dealt with quick enough.

Icebound Image
In the intermission Jaina will spawn 5 adds, how the adds are placed relative to Jaina (not the room) is random and the different possibilities are 5 adds to the side of her, 1 add on one side and 4 adds on the opposite side of her and 2 adds on one side and 3 on the opposite so basically all possibilities can happen. These adds casts small orbs that will freeze you just like Jaina and has to be interrupted. Jaina herself is not interruptable nor attackable until all adds are dealt with.

Splitting Frost
If the Water elemental in the second intermission is killed it will spawn more water elementals presumably with less hp but there would be more abilities to deal with total.

2. Strategy

Phase 1
The timers in this phase reportedly shift from each attempt for example avalanches could come both before or during the storm reaches 100 energy but in both scenarios the storm is at 75+ energy meaning 5 players requires to stack but it matters because the group is positioned differently depending on if the storm is 100 energy or not making this 2 different scenarios.

Catapults & Frozen Siege
The catapults should be cleared from fire patches at all times just like heroic however depending on where the next ship is going to appear and when it is going to appear the frozen siege has more or less priority. The first one always has high priority as a ship comes rather quickly after but we also do not know if it will appear on the same side. The players assigned to dealing with the cannons 1 player per row needs to be very delicate with the timings when the boss is below 50 energy they can use each other to refresh the freezing blood debuff but when at higher energy they have to play even faster. Right as the ship is attackable the players should be ready to shoot and then head back to the group when looking at the animation seeing that its about to be ready they need to be back just before its ready and fire quickly again. There is also a WA below that helps with the cooldown of your own catapult. Timings means a lot as another frozen siege comes in seconds after the ship should be destroyed. If the freeze comes before you manage to finish the person responsible for the closest available cannon should go for a 3rd shot when available. Sieges that come in just after a ship is destroyed does not have a lot of priority and its enough to just dot them up for starters and towards the end when there will be no more ships or the ship will be ignored then they have 0 priority.

Avalanches can come in at any energy level depending on the pull, <50, 50<75 or >75 the way we deal with them is different. When below 50 the tank simply moves around melee and the other 2 dps takes 1 side each according to their mark and they will meet up at the end of the soak being close enough to each other to reset the freezing blood. The tank can clear at the melee camp. There are a few other scenarios here that are both above 75 energy and depending on if it is a storm or not it will played differently. If it is before the storm you can simply do the same thing with 1 difference the 2 DPS will have to use the gateway at the back that goes right in to the ranged group but the tank can still run in to melee and be safe. When during the storm the boss will just have done Ring of Ice fixating its position and the raid will be far away from the boss so as the boss starts casting avalanche the raid will have to move to the boss where melee previously where making the gateway useless so in this situation simply stack up with the other avalanche players start on the star side and then move in a half moon via the circle side to the raid. No need to be said I hope you always finish the avalanche first before getting back to the group we do not want avalanches in the raid another note on that subject avalanches indicate it is on you for more than a second before it starts firing so move to the side but still be just within 10 yards of the raid and as soon as it starts firing then move back. Remember the searing patches as a last resort to avoid being frozen but do not take it for granted or try to play towards that as the objective. The avalanches are always really tight with the freezing blood so there is no room for error.

100 Energy Storm
During this storm everything from avalanches to boat spawns and freezing blasts can appear so with the reduced vision it is important to be alert and dodge the mechanics appropriately. Especially the fire patches the ship fires as the indicators will be very vague during this time and just like stormwall the impact is what is harmful not so much the patch that spawns after so getting out of it is extremely important, more important than dodging freezing blast even.

Intermission 1
Even though there are more possibilities than 3 considering that it will vary if its a 0-5, 1-4 or 2-3 split per side we will just talk about the 3 I mentioned ignoring that it could also be the same set of adds per sides but switched around so 3 adds on left side instead of right side etc. When there is any 0-5 situation the group will remain together but ranged focuses on the 1st, 4th while melee runs past the 1st and attacks the 2nd right away and then the 3rd as ranged players dot/cast while moving the melee adds as they run by. Then we all meet up on the 5th add and the boss. In the situation of a 1-4 the group will be split differently majority of players will go on the side with 4 adds while a smaller group goes on the side with 1 depending on which side has the 1 add thats where the small group goes and the large group always goes to the side with 4 adds. In the situation of 2-3 there will be an even split with half the raid on 1 side and half the raid on the other side no matter which side has 2 or 3 adds.

In reality it will play like this, a hunter will call out what setup we get i.e 1 add left then I will follow up with small group left, large group right for clarification. If the hunter instead calls for 2 adds left we just follow the normal procedure in the angry assignment listing 10 players left and 10 players right. If the hunter calls Jaina all the way on the right then I will follow up with everyone together starting left so we end up at Jaina. Once your group has finished killing the adds you do not rush forward to Jaina and stand next to her while the other group is doing their part. Instead you stay back at the latest add to create distance and time to react to the frozen orbs and tornadoes. In any situation hunters and rogues should run 1 add ahead of the group just to interrupt to reduce the amount of objects that has to be dodged which increases dps.

Phase 2
This phase starts with us having a lot of stacks coming out of the intermission so the broadsides that comes out quickly after the phase starts will go to the closest barrel. Now this can be either the top left or top right barrel looking from the wall depending on what setup of adds we had. Either way 2 players will run to the closest barrel and the last one with the best mobility of the 3 will try and make the barrel closest to the wall and get a leap of faith back to the group once the job is finished. The raid will focus down the closest barrel and clear our stacks then quickly running over to the other barrel far from the wall left or right depending on which was the first one of course. The second barrel will vulnerable by the first broadside that comes after we moved over to this location and will be broken just a few seconds in to the 100 energy storm that has ramped up our stacks once again. After that barrel the boss is doing a lot of casts in succession and is not movable but once the first broadside that comes after second barrel has gone out we will move over to the last barrel. The last barrel is already vulnerable from the absolute first broadside and will be broken when we reach about 10 stacks.

Ice Fall
There are quite a few ice falls in this phase some more impactful than others, first of all the ice fall can interrupt our path and we will be forced to use gateways from warlocks to get across. An ice fall will also always spawn just before the 100 energy storm giving only a few seconds to identify its position and evaluate if we are safe or have to move a few yards.

Since freezing blood is active still the tank needs an escort to move with them as they play this mechanic.

Glacial Ray
We are forced to be stacked throughout the fight because of the freezing blood so baiting glacial rays takes extremely little effort so once a glacial ray is about to come we just stack up between a wall and Jaina making the ray have very little impact. There is also an overlap with siegebreaker that causes a knockback right as she starts casting glacial ray so do not just go to the side after you bait it but stack back up on the group behind the boss.

Siegebreaker Blast
Because of the freezing blood players with siegebreaker can only run so far away and not immediately when debuffed. Once the countdown starts from 3 seconds run out of the group as far as you can and expect a leap of faith back in a situation where we lack leaps a blink class can always very easily assist.

Just like all other mechanics the freezing blood complicates this ability, when going for barrels the group should not be so far away that you can not make it back in time and when you are not going for barrels simply just stack up with the other broadside players move to the side of the group. Do not run out like you would in heroic simply just go a few extra yards than what is necessary for the raid not to move from the ability and then run back.

Intermission 2
Just before the intermission starts a select group of players of ranged if not all will pre position to be able to hit Jaina as she teleports to the center. She is still attackable during this time and the more damage we can get in during the intermission the shorter phase 3 will be it does however create a risk with the wall as the amount of players and amount of time we can attack her and still be able to finish the wall in time is something we have to experiment with ourselves. We know we have a good split when the ice is just a few yards away from the wall as it breaks. At some point everyone will also switch over to the wall as the boss is out of reach or we simply need more damage and that will be called out in real time. Lust will also be popped just as we enter the transition however it will have to be manually removed before the we finish the Nathanos ice block. While we are trying to quickly finish of the ice block a hunter will be running to Jaina with turtle and as soon as we finish the block the turtle can be removed as she interrupts her cast and teleports further away. The hunter will simply then interrupt her new cast and start running back towards us and with the help of a leap of faith they can make it back before freezing blood expires.

Phase 3
The amount of mechanics from Jaina that we have to deal with is relatively low however each and every ability is extremely impactful and important. However with the addition of still having the water elemental from T2 there will not be a calm second. At all times does the water elemental be interrupted we will have a rotation setup with Endless Raid Tools that consists of 3 different groups with short interrupts and each group will consist of at least 2 players to be extra cautious as a missed interrupt is critical.

The elemental will alternative the interruptable volleys with heart of frost(HoF) as we know and to inform everyone its a 4 yard splash and the WA linked below will assist to ensure that you are far enough out by adding a few extra yards however you should not exaggerate either by going so far that freezing blood gets triggered. Once you are affected by HoF simply move behind the group never move infront of the boss (opposite side of the group) nor directly on the side of Jaina so that you do not block of people running out with broadsides or siegebreakers. So like I said this continues throughout the entire phase which obviously creates a lot of overlaps.

So we will go over ability by ability. There will be 2 orbs of frost total, the first one spawning very early in to the phase and should have all players except those affected by HoF step inside the orb and stand still until it explodes as we will consume the entire amount. You do not have to run after it like heroic when less people are soaking because of the quantity of players soaking we just have to stand still and once it is gone we go back behind the boss.

Broadside will come directly after simply go on the left side of the group no further than the recommendations from phase 2. Then the prismatic add will spawn and the storm will reach 100 energy increasing our chilling touch stacks all the way up to 10 at this point it gets very intense.

Both tanks will already have reached 18+ stacks at this point and as soon as 1 tank gets 18 stacks you tank swap and no more targeted heals should go on the tank with 18 stacks. We do not want the tank to get 20 stacks forcing him in to an ice block as that would mean less damage on the boss and an extra ability to dodge (Icicle) once the tank falls they will get ressed back up using any arbitrary ability (ankh totem/pre soulstone/cr).

The boss will then cast glacial ray and so will the add depending on the adds position relative to the boss we will either move left or right, wherever is being called at the time, preferably the shortest distance obviously. Then a siegebreaker will go out together with 2 Ice falls 1 from the add and 1 from the boss, that might have to be avoided depending on where they spawn. The siegebreaker tries to run away as far as possible and quickly getting out of any healing to preferably sacrifice themself and prevent any damage from going out but at least be far away enough to prevent the knockback. The second Orb of Frost will go out but will go unsoaked as we are already at 14 stacks and healing is already going to be extreme, the orb will travel for quite a few seconds before it explodes giving us time to finish the boss. Broadside will also come with the orb of frost and those players needs to run out of the raid once again and that concludes the fight.

3. Positioning
The regular scenario, run out to the side and wait then run to the back at X you will intersect and remove freezing blood of each other or gateway if more than 1 player is required. For melee just run to your side of the ship and then run past the ranged group and refresh. Skull marks the boss.

The ring of frost scenario, everyone is stacked by default avalanche comes directly after the ring the players run out to the side and then run together in some half circle towards the raid via orange side.

So either of the far ones from the wall can be first depending on where Jaina spawns, on the first broadside 1 player goes to the 3rd barrel. Whichever barrel is not used of the far ones becomes the 2nd barrel.

So the broadside players goes to the left side of the group, just a few yards extra as described earlier. So they can quickly make it back for the freezing blood.

Phase 3 Ex.
An example of phase 3, the square markers are the HoF players standing behind the raid, broadsides run to the left (diamond) the add spawns on our left so the raid will have to move right for the glacial spike. In this situations of these ice falls marked with blue arrows you would also have to reposition the raid if the marked position would be our position after glacial ray. So 2 factors that plays in to positioning in this phase but you do not always have to move for the ice fall.

4. WAs
Catapult Reload - !ns17Vjooq0)xwPtAxPwkbO8Jv6(aqdxzff6vh2E6eYnUjobFNXMZ2HTSFi)TFZyNSuD3xwruIz84XZ8EVzOr0ek5aLKJpWsDLtkuCkzZ2KvlxhtjSk3ETzZrNqRSGloWtH9OKDoH)g8NN4snl)Z1P)Yrk58MIcl3rxC94j9hoy8GrdVD4KHD7oHwC9GHq0uzq0EuluWrNhVoj(jkjRY60hWWT9yoZb3Ev7xJKs27ChTF(MB(gRu3rOV5p)htcHV)pgEt0aiIzTzgX6ygNFHUsbv0sLJBkyz8DtZZ3OS7EMZ(7PvgMD3d8CbBhb9ZUBQWCV2O6OllHIt)s44VILAHqjS7dLnS05xbRDgrzj3Gx7Apg2yWV88rEBrb5s1R8tCLJuvuiEJsEz(usYlKKPpbUMdjdM(usuxkX7hLCpNjD7HIhVpcI0qCBI3l7f5qWDIdCOaTh5s5Y8gAP9glQuEm5J(4DvNoD(u9xQtd)K6mMSofJ9vzmR732U8URcX5U60FTofC)I3II60lBc72B8Oj9hvNYu5HGem)Hqw(H6u3EU6Y5B)z4UkJc21uXVSlhds9x4ix1uEbSRbiuSd8MAZBXsjBxVeaVhJxTkaJBNppo(U47UGZpA4EC27eGW8xbGpXh27Jx94ITRW4vPUqyEcfLrN4jbJpObqE91aN4PDqfPyYVc0nsvRJIGBJllAuXZ2KKS5bGOm6sd3AHeit04jqgA0NfgX3Rt)9kwoW3S60eG7p9J4bQyShc1o5cqLKvjDN96yHQucj(HZU9Im4lSHW3XgmmlK7vw(lCvgOAHmvKdM9MuaEyazmjtYS(gK2Z7p17pbPxVXrHt9UmyMxHL9)oPv8D()1ORDsHh7MfkCc646(9OedVeQ1an48Zn(lGWffNPKvXlsWbdIdHwH33i32F0OlS8mn0W22IP0WKkiuhyc1pV3)OL(NZFubaa0mMukfwK8ct8aseAcn1PFeK81PGZ1PN1v1Pfcdp)tE4qJLu2ZICSDEH4nSNTWaQAyCbOd8cKWeXfO1a8qM)uC8AG10sTjmFbF65F33)Ea(gjEmZgCC(YjYYtF1uIfhCjHlCDVUDXI6aQcirD62jQpgvvHOSzGbuUI3nx)T2P3Wm7OOr32B4GBh3Fu3X4W7juY30M8Nnmyo)ZTRq1aOE6ef1bMUFcfZ9WuJ(Vp

HoF Range Circle - Not yet decided on the specifics

Fogbreaker is equipped - !novx3Pnmm0FrTNKqiqFe6cDSrduCy8MOMehQ3sIZ8hmOpWV9jBduoN(spNCsKvKVs3RKGqihiCilQxYGGOeGOas09HH3JMnaP0(Grim6AEldiZxLpBAwkqQeTAc)DgKfhaeABXBc5cbVvdKhtZYtxcKdZRQumnm5UKOGOWhcIh0lojCqsauDx8qeAUQRMEmNDaV1K5pnEz6OFMU80RPVSA6IfPF70paYXlOep4HO(jHdd6pm8bemliXarY2XfT5h7WQt7qYWXYUF8(NO9PS1jyLuyuArJnpR6kPAmsZ5Vud(dQMxSMxQFdiJWZO3cnIPYYCLMk1ObIBfVLREZBJMEVOTwY3TJjTHN50ZZoCMU6cbrBqLvz2Y2ZqHZuvXpaKnpoIKVHKpAjgQrX2q3QeYTplkzWyuFmsQTqasiqCxeit1SguG(RH31XqE2sBykFnzbWyRRXFKPfsMltKfPZMHU7y11tlVCbBWeBlalw805uqDAGfnoMSmmbweVANfM0V)WEy5X2I8WR8FpD2IjRM5r9d(70hRAUNL7D64w2DHbGpt4yZ8UlQTty1mzlT(xOGAPEwiY9FJ9pE1rGmlDITNWQRopRnEEE(8NXRHsXeXUTsg9pm5TcuHOTKFtcQKijWwevtTTRZJUtSE9uH84Y00m7p4nE5)MXGR9KnN7Sml(Qln6wbUKGjPHYB)6rFDW6RfV2V9HewYF)0RVyOLw2C618ChDR478u9Fcz5AjTdiRVAHtdSs)WEwuaU6wlOUvCLDzg)2yQ18lToCEP4tolQPk1N8YAlegBZZ2kIIgg6hHU19y3Tf1cPFvX(e5E3Z9o2(2b2E0koYEa()

Macro for Offhand & Cancel BL in 1
/script if IsEquippedItem("Fogbreaker, Light of the Sea") then EquipItemByName("Deathspeaker") else EquipItemByName("Fogbreaker"); EquipItemByName("Desecrated"); end
/cancelaura Time Warp
/cancelaura Bloodlust

EquipItemByName("Deathspeaker") - Means equip my staff(no need for full name)
EquipItemByName("Fogbreaker"); EquipItemByName("Desecrated"); - Means equip my Fogbreaker off hand and a main hand (no need for full names)

One example of an interrupt macro
/target Jaina's Tide Elemental
/cast Counterspell
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