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Argus Mythic
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1. Mythic Abilities
2. Strategy
3. Positioning
4. Extra Notes
5. References
6. Ability Order

1. Mythic Abilities
This section is a summary of the bosses changed mechanics but since most of you I bet have not seen the actual tooltip I have linked to wowhead in the references section where the abilities first were datamined. Do note that numbers can be different i.e. one of the december hotfixes nerfed Rage and Fear to 0.7s instead of 0.5s

Sargeras Fear(Gaze)
This creates a 5 yard circle around you and if there is no other player than yourself in the circle you get a debuff which stacks and deals intensive moderate damage. This works similar to call of the night on botanist except players with the same debuff can stack or Xavius in DHT.

Sargeras Rage(Gaze)
This is the opposite of the fear, if any player ever steps in to your 5 yard circle you give them a debuff dealing intensive moderate damage and stacks as well for as long you are in the circle.

Sentance of Sargeras(Chains)
3 2 random players that are not tanks unless there is no other option will get this debuff which does constant ticking damage for 30s. Moving 35 yards away from your initial position will cause the chains to break which removes your debuff but adds a new one to the entire raid dealing high amounts of damage every 2s and stacks for every chain broken within these 10s. If the debuff is removed or expires in anyway it will trigger the raid damage.

Edge of Annihilation
These now exist in the last phase as well but are not as straight forward as they are in phase 2. 2 Sets of blades will spawn each set covering half of the room. The blades combined will cover every single area of the room however they swap with a short delay and they are fired with a short delay so there is room to plan and react. This is not noted in the post linked below so I will also let you know that they deal physical damage meaning we can bop players who are busy and can not get to the safe spots.

Initialization Sequence(Orbs)
There is at all times only 1 active orb at the time however it persists through the entire fight meaning the longer they are active the bigger they get the less room we have for the future orbs.

At 40% he heals up to 60% and enters the last phase.

2. Strategy

Phase 1
Phase 1 will definitely take some time to learn its about drawing a picture really, we know exactly the order the abilities come in so you have to memorize the order but not only that the blights now give 4 players a debuff with 2s delay between each. Every single blight has a set location of where I want them meaning not only do you have to remember the order but also every single position of every specific mechanic. Just like the blights the buffs also have locations I have set. So I have laid out the ground work in the position section and then we all have to paint this together. The faster you realize you have to individually start trying to remember all of this the faster we get to move on. For reasons explained in the positioning but also I will get to it again in phase 2, there might be a time to stop DPS and I will tell you what I do not want and that is for people to disrespect the order. I will not accept the ways of KJ where DPS stops were put in 5% ahead because people are too selfish to stop touching the boss. This is so much more delicate than KJ is I will do stops at 1% ahead of time and if someone does not share the rest of the raids will to kill the boss that player will be taken care of. Every DPS stop is a hard one nobody even thinks of touching or even think of auto attacking or finishing a cast.

Gazes + Soulblights
The other thing about phase 1 is the gazes they are completely new to us and mastering them will also take a bit of time. However if you think of them in a vacuum it is not that difficult. With the exception of the first gaze all players have to spread out 5 yards to avoid getting rage stacks if you see someone. As soon as the debuffs are out look for people with the fear and try to help them as quick as possible and together meet up behind the boss. Players with rage use the left and right side of the boss to give as much space to the raid as possible. When you get soulblight as a feared player there are 3 players acting as escorts safely moving back to the designated position with you to prevent you from taking any additional damage. Not all 3 players have to go but they are ready in case more players have soulblight and fear at the same time. If you have the soulblight as a raged player and are on the left side of the boss you can always just put it 10+ yards away from your position as we are moving right with the cones meaning we are not using the left side so that you do not have to cross the raid. If you are on the right side however you should not be facing the same issues and can follow our standard procedure for blights.

Gazes + Buffs
Sky and Haste buffs will be placed on predetermined locations. If you have the rage you should not start thinking about what you want but rather what is convenient for you meaning if you are on the left side on the boss then take the buff on the last second do not try and do any risky plays to get your preferred buff even if it means you lose 6k stat. However because you know where the buffs are you can be smart and think ahead if you get rage in the future what side you should go on however do not crowd one side of the boss because you all want the same buff, sacrifices has to be made to reduce the risk of taking a lot of extra damage so just think of it as a side note. It will also not always be possible for you to get a buff at all during certain sequences of the phase.

P1 Conclusion
Phase 1 is rather hectic and positioning is everything and at the same time damage is really far up on the priority list as well. Meaning some healers will be using their cooldowns offensively to help out with the damage. The amount of gazes we get affects the rest of the fight. If we get 2 fears and 2 rages in the last gaze of phase 1 then we will get 3 fears and 2 rages the next time in phase 2 and the amount of gazes in phase 2 also matters because it affects the amount we get in last phase. We want to get out of this phase as fast as possible so we will all be using 2nd pots on cooldown(60s) in phase 1 to push it faster. The pots will return a 3rd time in phase 3.

Phase 2
This is much more straight forward and more like heroic.

Gazes + Soulbursts + bombs
The gazes continue to exist as mentioned so spread before they come and get together as soon they are out. Players with the fear can still get both of these mechanics meaning they need to be escorted by tank or the people that also has debuffs. On mythic we will always have every person with a debuff go with the tank and have the tank take the damage not for the sake of the raid but because the bursts are ticking rather hard and they have move away from the raid which loses them healing as well as the damage they take from the explosions. There is an exception and that is for people who want to immune their soulbursts, this should always be done if possible to stagger the damage instead of causing a huge explosion in the end. Simple walk about 20+ yards and pop your immunity and come back. Important to know is that the 2nd bomb will need externals from healers as the tank is not empowered for quite some time so start walking out together with the bursts together with the 2 non active tanks once on of them empowers the other can go back to the boss. The set position for explosions is on the opposite side of the boss.

Edge of Annihilation
Simply move together as a team either forward or back depending on where we currently are. They target players so make sure you are not putting yourself in some awkward position causing everyone to move extra. Ranged can be a blades width away from the melee so the raid in total has to move less. When moving out with bombs or bursts always wait for the blade to fire as the time on mythic is significantly lower than any other difficulty so do not take any unnecessary risks.

Bloodlust timing
It is important we do not phase too quickly just to ensure we have the most value possible from bloodlust in the next phase meaning if we are ahead in DPS we are stoping but it is a delicate timing because we still have to push it before the next set of gazes so the boss will be on 41.5% HP and we will stop and wait for all I know could be 10s if we have a lot of DPS so do not put dots on 42% or even 43% if you see that we are ahead of time. And as soon as the time comes we will zerg the last 1%. We aimed for 4min 15s to 4min 20s and that turned out perfectly with the berserk timer and last orb exploding at the same time.

Phase 3
The gazes still exists.

Blades of Annihilation
As I described in the first section they are a bit different in the last phase than heroic and phase 2. When they spawn we will be at a wall check if it is the first or second set that spawns at the position we are at. The general rule is if the blade is spinning stand between 2 spinning blades. If they are not spinning stand on top of them. The reason I mentioned check which set spawns where we are at is because the timeline is as follows: Set 1 Spawn. Set 1 Spin + Set 2 Spawn. Set 2 Spin. So the rule only applies after both blades have spawned. There is also the possibility that the first set of blades spawns on us meaning they stand still but remember they are the first set so stand between. They start spinning start remembering where they are as once they go away so does your guidelines. So you need to go on top of where they were to dodge the 2nd set. If it is the other way around it is a lot more simple. They will not spin so stand on them, the first set fires and then we go between the 2nd set which starts spinning.

They spawn on players so we will bait them to pre determined locations. The first one sets the bar and from that we just bait the next one as close as we can to the previous one. Everyone needs to help out killing them as quick as possible, if a lot of melees are affected by the rage then obviously some will have to go for the boss instead to not clutter the area. We will all move out as a team from the orb around 15% with roar when its possible as they explode a few seconds after they are killed. The boss will be in some cleave range for some orbs and others not depending on the bait more on this later. When the boss is in the bait it should be moved out a lot earlier than the raid so around 50%. The spawn of the small orbs in the ghost phase will spawn all around still and not just on the orb. The very last orb has to be baited away from the boss so people with rages goes as far away from the boss as possible so the bait can go towards the center of the room to avoid cleave damage on the orb.

Scythe interaction + Tank philosophy
Every time the boss does scythe he will spawn small red orbs targeting random players and whenever they reach a player they pretty much do the hp of a dps. So the 2 inactive tanks will intercept these orbs taking the damage instead. The amount of orbs that spawns depends on the amount of stacks on the active tank so while its 3 at first it will slowly increase with each stack. The remaining health of the tree will be used to get you back up after taking a number of scythes what you want to aim for is to try and take as many as you can until an orb has been killed. So that you can help out to loot the small orbs inside. This also means that another tank becomes active and has 0 stacks so the inactive tank can easily take all 3 orbs himself however you can not stay inside for too long as the scythes starts adding up more orbs spawn so be back in good time before the 3rd one to be ready and pick up red orbs. Do not try too hard to make it to survive until the next orb either though the tree is a resource meaning; you could take N+1 stacks by using every single external we have in our possession and the last of yours but for what? You take 1 more scythe that is fair but we used everything we got and now getting even N stacks again will be harder and we still have the tree to get you up so it is fine. It is delicate though do not overuse the tree as it can be used for people making mistakes. So go for as many as you can but do not go for the 1 extra. The blades can come while you are collecting these red orbs it would be a good time to call for BoP to prevent taking the damage from the blades as they are physical. We ended up always boping the 3rd tank on the 2nd and 3rd set of blades.

On the 4th scythe there will be a large amount of orbs so do not hesitate to ask your raid to help you out with divine shield, turtle, cloak and netherwalk etc.

For the absolute first scythe the 3rd tank takes it just to balance out the scythe and orb interaction so that the 5th scythe stack is applied to the main tank after the first orb explodes rather than before considering overall it is the 6th scythe.

The most feared ability on the entire fight the damage they leave behind them has no mercy. You can preemptively immune them like on Imonar the difference is on Imonar you get a notice who is targeted by it and you have time to react but on Argus you do not. So healing cooldowns and immunities are a combined resource. We will not immune some chains at all and use a lot of cooldowns and on others we will use plenty of immunities increasing our chances to not get 1 meaning we need less healing. 3 2 players are targeted every time and they will be called out in the order they break, just like on Aggramar it is important they are broken together when called for and not staggered unless that is called for. To help out with breaking chains quickly you can use mage invis or hunter FD and so on making us take no additional damage from the first hit. Important note on this is that the last chains will not be broken so when we are at the very end of the fight make sure that 90%+ is of the healing is targeted on the players with the chains as if they fall they still trigger the effect and I have seen already the domino effect that can have. With the nerfs to chains we found it best to break them 1 by 1 considering the ability order of the boss. First set of chains first is broken with nothing going on the we used cds for the 2nd chain that breaks at the same time as the rage goes out not to worry since there has been a lot of downtime between everyone is topped and it is not that worrying. The 2nd set of chains is a bit tricker recently before gazes have been applied so its likely a few people might have some debuffs so just before the chain breaks we use a healing cd to top everyone off and once again one for the 2nd chain. The 3rd one is sacrificed and by the 4th one we have our resto shaman back up so we used cds on the first or 2nd break depending on the amount of fear and gaze stacks we got from the gaze that comes just before the orb. They will have ran out by the 2nd break but instead you will get a rage cast so depending on the situation you use cooldowns differently.

Tree + CRs
A few things you need to know about the tree. Every ress costs 4 energy so when we reach 40% and all 20 of us ress it costs 80 energy meaning we have 5 resses left for tanks mainly. If you fail you are not allowed to use the tree until its been cleared on Teamspeak in total we have 2 spare resses for fuck ups. In the meantime help out in the spirit realm. There is also a time where the tree is either at 0 or higher because we did not need to use all of it and the 3rd chains comes out we will swap whoever is tanking to a fresh tank and all stack up with the gazes we just got and wipe next to the tree except for the 1 tank. He will get the scythes and 2 stacks of chains alone for roughly 4s. We will instantly begin a countdown where we all go and ress at the tree together like we did in the first week of heroic. Since we no longer have the tree it means the tanks are going to need CRs so they can not and will not be used at any other time or for any other reason for the entire fight. The reason we do this is because we avoid all of the damage from the chains and we even get rid of all gazes for quite sometime until the boss uses it again later on.

Spirit Realm
There are some classes that are better than others to collect orbs we are thankful to them but also sorry on their behalf. The fight is going to start off with our resto shaman not using the tree at all at 40(60)% as we do not need the healing until later on and having her ress and then sacrifice to the first orb is just a waste of energy. She will stay until we ress by the tree together. She will be assisted by the tanks to collect orbs as explained previously but as she comes back up we will send our resto druid down with the explosion of the 4th orb. If we have a spare ress after the last gaze we can ress the healer for some extra DPS or healing. This way we are 3 healing the last phase essentially but by rotating the healers in the spirit realm we get another set of healing CDs without any real DPS loss.

3. Positioning

Lets talk positioning especially for phase 1!

Cone 1
This might not be the most describing picture but it helps me illustrate what we are going through here. The abilities have been put in the order they come during the fight excluding gazes. The phase starts of with buffs followed by a cone. The buffs will be placed Haste Right, Mastery Left helping the gazed player to also retrieve a buff after everyone else of course during the bloodlust. The boss is positioned far back as there are no abilities to deal with but the cone so lets make the cone as small as possible leaving us with a lot of room.

After every cone (not illustrated in the picture) the boss is moved slightly forward and to the right just enough for there to be a corridor for people with the gaze to walk through. After the cone we get soulblights and new buffs.

Cone 2
The buffs will drop a second or so before the cone so I want them out of the raid and nobody goes to picked them up until after the cone. The buffs will be placed Haste Front, Mastery Back.

The numbers are for the blights and the order they drop. So first one back right, second back left, 3rd back then cone comes and 4th player stays just behind the raid and run straight out of the cone and then back like an L-shape to drops the soulblight right after. The directions are always the perspective of the person with the blight facing the wall.

Cone 3 + 4
After the cone we go and grab our buffs and before the next cone we get new blights 2 of them will have time to go the back and drop them before. The other 2 will be as far back as they can and drop them right after the cone hits. Once again buffs are placed outside of the raid as they drop as the cone goes down. Haste front and mastery back. The next cone is very simple its just the cone falling down. Before The 4th cone the first soulblight measures the size of 2x soulblight and goes there and then runs back to towards the raid and then out as cone falls, the 2nd soulblight 1x soulblight distance behind the raid and runs straight out as the cone falls and will drop the soulblight on the way. The 3rd soulblight will stand on the 2nd soulblight running out in a straight line together through the fog that the 2nd drops because it does not become active until a second later and then runs towards the back wall. 4th soulblight just stays with the raid and as the soulblight comes runs to the back wall.

Cone 5 + Aftermath
The last cone is done by dropping the buffs on the side of the raid mastery back and haste front to quickly be able to pick them up you can stand on their spawn location to help out with the push to be able to skip the coming gaze. Before the cone comes down 4 more soulblights will be dropped simply just put them at the back of the room. If you are close to pushing during the 5th cone but you are not quite there your tanks can taunt which triggers the boss ability queue to get delayed by the incoming taunt which might in some pulls save you from getting the ability.

Take help from the kill video and the text to understand the awfully drawn picture!

So phase 3 orb positioning
Depending on if we have a lot of orb damage or less this might vary but point is 3 orbs from the start position we will reach the tree and spawn the 4th orb next to the tree pretty much by having the tank bait it while everyone is waiting to release after that the tank waits for 1 sycthe and then moves the boss. From there on there is 1 more orb before we just start nuking boss. Do note that orbs are circles and not square meaning if you take a look at the first and 2nd orb you can see that the 2nd one is baited right up next to the wall causing a bigger portion of the 2nd orb to overlap with the first meaning we get more room than if we would place them just next to each other. It is also worth baiting the last orb to avoid it getting cleaved down considering the few seconds you lose from melee not being able to dps the boss is easily won by having the orb reach its full size instead of exploding a few seconds early.

It is also important to create distance between the orb and the boss when you are about to spread, you lose some damage on the orb from not being able to cleave but it becomes way more clear with everyone being able to stand behind the boss for each spread and makes it easy to bait the orbs as well as not get any stacks from fear and rages.

4. Extra Notes
1. The best way to deal with gazes is to surround yourself with people 6-7 yards apart and quickly help each other out even if it means taking a few steps back to escort someone before getting back to the raid group.
2. The first 2 rages from gaze can only go on melee.
3. Have players assigned and communicate on voicecomms who is available to escort players with the fear debuff and a buff or a soulblight in p1 or if you are unlucky a fear + chain combo in p3.
4. Prioritize players with rage or no buff to break their chain alternatively someone that can break it with a spell over a player with fear.
5. We used 3 active healers for this fight while the 4th healer was DPSing for all of P1 and P2 unless a mistake was made by another healer forcing the 4th healer to actually heal. This also let us have more dps in the last phase by not having to sacrifice a DPS but still not lose out on any raid cooldowns.
6. Use immunities to get rid of fear and rage stacks depending on your class and the situation. Mages and especially frost mages should not hesitate at all while hunters could instead use their immunity to help out with soaking tank orbs(rent souls).
7. If you are "blocked" by a rage always take the quickest route to a non debuffed player even if it means running through a rage because doing so will give you a stack but taking a delayed route is likely to give you more than 1 stack.
8. If you have leftover energy from the tree you can use it to ress the person collecting orbs after they are done picking up the last orbs in the spirit realm from the 3rd "DPS" orb just because the sacrifice is inbound so the resses will be useless and you can get a few casts off to help out with the dps.
9. Remember to use potions, you should use a total of 4 pots this encounter. 1 on pull, 1 before the 3rd phase most likely it will be best to use in p1 on cd to help out with DPS check. 1 in p3 after you ress but before the mass tree ress happens on the chains and the last one with bloodlust.

5. References
Kill video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jq3j370NR-0

6. Ability Order
From interrupt:
00:05 Blades
00:20 Gaze
00:28 Orb
00:40 Rage
00:50 Chains
01:15 Orb
01:19 Rage
01:35 Gaze
01:42 Blades
01:47 Chains
02:04 Orb
02:10 Rage
2:30 Blades
2:40 Rage
2:45 Gaze
2:47 Chains Sac
2:52 Orb
3:15 Rage
3:25 Rage
3:32 Rage
3:40 Gaze + Chains
3:45 Orb
4:07 Rage
4:18 Rage
4:26 Rage
4:33 Gaze + Chains
4:43 Orb
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Re: Argus Mythic
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25th January:
Added a short segment about the last orb in p3.
23rd February:
Added ability order, extra notes and made it up to date with the nerf of the chains.
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