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[Declined] Fogel - Feral Druid

[Declined] Fogel - Feral Druid
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Character name:
Introduction - Let us get to know you! (Please include Gender, Age and Country)
Hello Endless, dear Guildleadership,
I want to apply to your guild as a Feral Druid. Even though I haven't been playing Feral seriously in Legion, I want to reroll for BfA.
The Feral Druid does fit my kit perfectly fine since I am not the biggest fan of "easy" speccs. With the recent changes to haste applying on DoT-Ticks again, snapshotting will be way more important with BfA.

Please provide us with the following:

- Link to your armoury: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/blackrock/F%C3%B8gel
I know my gear is not optimized, but obviously it doesn't matter anymore, since BfA release is in 4 days.
- Personal warcraft logs:
Sadly I have no logs for my Drood, but I want to convince you with my Ret-Pally logs that I'm definitley able to play this game on very high niveau (NH+EN)
- A screenshot of your UI: (You can upload to imgur.com)
- Connection info results: (Go to http://www.speedtest.net/ and connect to Stockholm)
- Do you have a working microphone?
Razer Kraken Headset
Stats - Please explain your stats priority and explain why you are using these.
Agility the best stat overall for damage output for obvious reasons. It literally buffs the overall damage, whilst increasing my attackpower
Haste best secondary stat since Patch 8.0.1.
In my opinion one of the best Feral changes made until now. Before the release of BfA prepatch, it was shitty af. But now, scaling with our DoTs (increasing the amount of ticks whilst not decreasing the duration) it has made haste one of a shiny thing. As well as that, it increases overall attackspeed and energy regen (which leads to more fluid playstyles and appealing rotations)
Critical Strike is the 2nd best secondary stat, moved one tier down. Increasing my overall Damage and my combopoint generation.
Mastery is my 3rd best secondary stat, increasing my overall DoT damage. Not all too bad, but not as good as Haste or Crit imo. In terms of multitarget (multidotting) it increases in its value. However, if you are focusing on a more of a bursty m+ build (Brutal Slash) its not as good. Stil a valuable pick. especially on higher m+ or light cleave encounters.
Versatility is just a flat stat, but my "last" pick.
However, atm those 3 (beside haste and agility) are very close to each other. It won't really make a difference if you go for haste on your Items. Everytime. Haste
There aren't any breakpoints I have to reach. (statcaps and percentages)

Talents - Please explain your talent choices for a single target fight or an add controlled fight. And why you choose these talents.
Tier 1 (Blood Scent/Predator/Lunar Inspiration)
In a singletarget encounter, Lunar Inspiration does dominate the ranks at the moment, its another DoT to handle in my Rotation.
However in multitarget, it's really depending on the encounter, since Predator could increase my damage a lot if the adds die frequently.
Tier2 (Tiger Dash/Renewal/WC)
Depends on the encounter, however I prefer Wild Charge since it's the most flexible talent in this row.
Tier 3 (Balance Affinity/Guardian Affinity/Restoration Affinity)
In terms of DPS, Balance Affinity is the most viable choice, however if survivalability is more important on an encounter, theres another way with guardian affinity as well.
Tier 4 (Mighty Bash/Mass Entanglement/Typhoon)
Usually I'd go with Mighty Bash, however there are encounters where Typhoon could be really useful, again, I'd say it's boss dependend.
Tier 5 (Soul of the Forest/Jagged Wounds/Incarnation:King of the Jungle)
In any situation, Jagged Wounds dominates the ranks. More rotational rycling means more DPS, it's also extremely good with multidotting for faster ticks.
Tier 6 (Sabertooth/Brutal Slash/Savage Roar)
For Singletarget encounters, Savage Roar outperforms the other choices. It is just another way of snapshotting your Bleeds and increasing their damage.
However on multitarget encounter, with 2-3 extra mobs, Brutal Slash pulls ahead and is my choice.
Tier 7 (Moment of Clarity/Blood Talons/Feral Frenzy)
Blood Talons is the way to go in every situation at the moment, it is the core mechanic of Feral Druid with snapshotting and is mandatory in every possible encounter.
Resources - Please tell us sources you follow to keep up to date with your class:
mmo-champion, feral druid discord, simulationcraft, dreamgrove.gg

Raiding history: & Guild history and reason for leaving them:
My "career" started with classic, a warlock - I got up to level 3 - yes I had the imp and his name was Gelkin. I still remember it.
Joke aside, I started in classic and managed to level up my Warrior to level 60. I played PvP and some PvE as well - nothing special there, MC clear but at the end of the vanilla since I wasn't allowed to play a lot to be honest, I was very young. No Teamspeak or ventrilo (if you guys remember) there for me.
In BC I got used to raid more and I was allowed to play more. I played a Holypriest on Nerathor and started with Karazhan, Gruul and Maghteridon. I was playing my priest more and more and managed to down TK/SSC/Hyjal/BT (Illidan and Kael'thas prenerf) , didn't see Sunwell until WoTLK sadly.
In WoTLK I started to play my Warrior again and - of course - cleared Naxx/Eye/Obsi+3d25. Coming Ulduar I was able to down Yogg+1 and Firefighter.
I skipped raiding in cataclysm almost entirely, just some casual bullshit. No ACMs earned.
MoP wasn't my PvE expansion as well. I did a lot of PvP, farming ACMs, Mounts....
Then SoO came out and I started to raid a bit more serious again , with my sister. We started the guild "do not feed the troll" on Blackrock and managed to down 1 month b4 prepatch7/12 HC with 2 days of raiding. After patch we killed Garrosh which was freeloot.
We took the guild to WoD and I started to lead the raid with mythic Highmaul as a mistweaver monk. 2 days of raiding 4/7M  6-7 hours per week preBRF. Afterwards I had to pause the game because of the "call of duty" of the austrian army. Unavoidable 1 Month the guild did heroic and after I came back we killed 2/10 mythic - not very good, the guild lost the "progression" somehow. Project DNFTT was over and it was sad since the peepz in the guild were pretty nice. Anyways, I raided with another guild on "Die Aldor" with my MV Monk but I did not find any references to the guild (7/10 M) sadly, I had a break afterwards because it wasn't fun to raid with people you do not know.
Thanks to my sister, I started playing again after some months - HFC was coming - and she brought me to the guild "Nucleus" and we cleared HC with them (and I guess 1 mythic?!), but me and my sister left because there was no progression at all and players were missing every fucking time. I was looking for another guild, helped some guilds out (Zerschmetterlinge) but the climate in the guild wasn't the right one. Then I went to who made who, sceptical. I rerolled from Enhancement to Elemental because they needed me and we managed to down 11/13 mythic - I left afterwards because even with itemlevelbuff we weren't able to kill Mannoroth after 250-300 tries and wiped at Gorefiend 40-50 times even though we were progressing Mannoroth. #laydownandcry
I took a break (a bit longer than my sister), 3 months - I transferred to Antonidas Alliance thanks to real life friends and I managed to get the CE: Archimonde, we did a bit of sellraids.

Coming into Legion I played my Retribution Paladin on EU-Blackrock and I was able to down Xavius Mythic (okeokedontsayanything), and I went on to EU-Onyxia to join Bad Idol where I raided Nighthold Mythic. Anyways, I was not satisfied at all since they were not progressing very good and they had many slackers.
I joined UndisputeD and they gave me a chance to join them at Gul'dan Mythic Progression, which was nice of them. I did not disappoint them and we downed it 30 minutes before you did. (I'm always making this joke with Shylya and she's always upset). After Gul'dan however, I had to quit since RL called me and I was able to casually raid Tomb of Sargeras on my Mage but nothing to say there.
Entirely skipped Antorus.
However I want to join you guys now since I'm 100% sure you will not disappoint me because I know almost everything about you guys.

Expectations - What do you expect from us and what can we expect from you:
- a serious raid with some jokes aside whilst trash or a break
- a good raidclimate which reflects in serious achievements
- progress, progress, progress
- honesty
- an experienced raidlead
- no flameroni pepperoni if it's not needed
- not too much of arrogance
What can you expect from me?
- extremely high curve in terms of learning process and getting better and better at certain bosses (if you closely look at logs you might see the curve there, I don't need 100 bosskills to be >95%, it happens the first tries)
- the ability to take criticsm
- movement, movement,
- punctuality
- every raid 100% prepared, 100% classpreparation (as much as possibrew)
- complete class/game-understanding. I wouldn't be able to play the game if I wasn't up to date every raid
- the possibility to evaluate logs (comparing the best players of the class with each other)
- stable internet/pc-connection (top gaming hardware)
- a human being
- complete concentration whilst every raid even if it's an altraid 
- a complete of classunderstanding

Freetext - Anything else you wish to add? Your last chance to impress us!
The first aspect I would like to talk about is the fact, that I want to raid with your guild, because you are striving to be the top tier in terms of raiding guilds even though you are not raiding as much as other guilds do.
I know your guild is very stable and the process of joining you would be very great for me.
An important aspect for me is my sister to be honest. I've raided alot with her and we're always having fun raiding together and competing in terms of Damage whilst still perfoming perfectly tactic-wise.
I want to show off my strength and I want to do it with your endlessly strong performing people.
And just to show off my dedication: here's my collection of alts, for PvP, mounts and gold.
Paladin (main almost 70 days playtime up til ToS on 110)
Warrior (Classic char, 150 days playtime) 110
(link is broken, Macrosmatic-Kazzak, hes in your Guild)
Mage (played a bit in ToS) 110
Warlock 110
Monk 110 50 days played
Shaman 110 70 days played
DK 110
Priest #1 (this is the BC Illidan+Kael prenerf Character) 110
Priest#2 110
Rogue 110
DH#1 110
DH#2 110
DH#3 110

Sincerely, Dom V Fogel
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Re: Fogel - Feral Druid
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Oh damn bois, I think I forget something.
My name is Dominik and I'm 22 years old, I live in Innsbruck/Austria/Tyrol and im male.
You can call me Dom!
I apologize for this mistake.


Re: Fogel - Feral Druid
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Hello Fogel!

Thank you for applying to us here in Endless. Officers have decided to decline your application, due to low experience in general and stronger applicants.

We wish you the best of luck onwards
- Shim