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[Declined] Fjuttisar; Guardian druid.

[Declined] Fjuttisar; Guardian druid.
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Character name:


Introduction - Let us get to know you! (Please include Gender, Age and Country)
My name is Stefan. Im soon to be 27 years old and living in Gothenburg/Sweden. im a social and fun guy, playing alot of computer.
Im working with creating and calibrating laser for everything from lasercutters to eye laser.
Other then that, snowboard and friends are my workout i guess.

Please provide us with the following:
The paladin linked with this apply is mostly due to that i played that charr from start till end exept the 2 last tiers and can be an alternetive if need be
- Link to your armoury:
- Personal warcraft logs:
Most of the logs are private in Circinus so cant show to much there.
- A screenshot of your UI: (You can upload to imgur.com)
- Connection info results: (Go to http://www.speedtest.net/ and connect to Stockholm)
- Do you have a working microphone?

Stats - Please explain your stats priority and explain why you are using these.
I will talk mostly about my druid because the 2 tiers iv played it and not raided to much on the paladin but if there is an intrest of that char i will ad it in any comments to not make the bigest wall of text.
Depending on the fight, now days with the gear you have, haste crit is mostly a fun stat to play around with for the dps spectrum (more rage, less CD time, more Maul in between ironfur). Some fights like Varimathras i tend to use vers-mastery  due to that im the punshing bag and druids are not that good at taking spell dmg.
Mostly when it comes to stats as a tank, having a good variety of either haste/crit or vers/mastery in this tier or other stats in other exp/tiers is a good baceline to make sure that what ever task im tasked with i should survive or in other cases do that % of dmg to make the threshold on going further into the fight.

Talents - Please explain your talent choices for a single target fight or an add controlled fight. And why you choose these talents.
Bristling fur: Great talent for bosses where stacking up to 4 stacks of ironfur is a must to survive a hit or alot of hits, mostly best used on bosses like aggramar or argus for that extra armor-up for a huge hit.
Blood frenzy: if alot of mobs al the time, greate rage generation. not to much to say.
Guttural Roars: Raid CD i guess you can call it, stamped is so good on some bosses that its a go to talent some times. The rest of the talents kinda not that great, wild charge i guess you can use somewere.
Balance affinity: I use that the most for the range of thrash and other spells, mostly aoe packs (easy to grab far off mobs with for example moonfire etc)
Restoration affinity: Its a good and steady heal over time (something extra if the balance affinity is not in good of a use). Ofc with the chest legendary on bosses where you might not have healers in range al the time or where you need to make sure to survive alone its a good talent aswell.
Al T4 talents are situational. Mass entanglement sweet on Coven, typhoon on aggramar Etc.
Galactic guardian is the most used talent of the t5, with shoulders and back, this talent makes for a realy good dmg output. the other talents can be used in some situations where rage is of short for ironfur or where you can get the use of Incarnation:Gardian for that huge thrash spam, now days with the gear you play with Galactic is mosty what i use, some cases in mythic + i use Guardian but dont use soul of the forest to much.
there are 2 talents that stands out quite a bit, Guardian of elune, steady dmg taken, more ironfur or frenzied while playing your normal rotation, kind of easy play easy win. and survival of the fittest is mostly, why not give druids more CD's because they lack so much of it?, atleast thats the core thought of it. both good, survuval can be overpowed.
Rend and tear: no skill Talent just a good 6% dmg reduction or 10 with legendary legs. this talent is the one i use the most due to that the next talent pulverize: who can be used but you get 4% more dmg reduction if you dont have legs( 1- of you have) so it works alot like a smal shield of the righteous with the paladin where you need to be close, have 2 stacks of thrash and then use it for that low amount of dmg reduction. I dont say its bad but most of the time as a druid now days that 4% is not too big of a deal.

Resources - Please tell us sources you follow to keep up to date with your class:
druid disc, reddit forums, streams, friends and players iv played with, and now some Beta testing (not to much tho)

Raiding history:
I started raiding in Burning Crusadem
I was bad back then and raided Kara for a long time and did HC's.After a while i started to raid SSC and TK, cleaded it but no good ranks or anything like that. Did some bosses in black tempel but didnt kill Illidan until the big nerf.
This was the time when i actialy started to raid more for real. cleared everything exept halion and LK on hc. Same goes for this expansion, no good ranks or anything but we tryed to compeat on the server back then and not world rank.
Blackwing, BoT and ToTFW.
5/13 (H)
7/7 (H)
Dragon Soul
8/8 (H)
Mist of Pandaria
Mogu'shan Vaults
Heart of fear only 2 bosses down and ToES,we didnt go in there.
6/6 (H)
9/13 (H)
14/14 (H) 572 (10 man) 344(25 man) World rank
Warlords of Draenor
have nothing to say this expansion, did the first 3 mythic bosses in highmaul and then for the first time stoped raiding and didnt play wow at al nearly.
Emerald nightmare
7/7 (M)
9/9 (310 world rank)
11/11 (279 world rank)
Guild history and reason for leaving them:
This Text, atleast most of it is written from an apply to Endless back 1 year ago. will add recent events of the guild history but the former apply had the story befor legion. Marked the coppy with //
//Ok so because iv played this game for quite some time il leave the Burning Crusade out and most of Wrath or this will be a long post. Short about them is that i played BC  extreamly casial and played with friends in there guilds and then in Wrath i played in a guild named Sad Pandas up until Trial of the Crusader, when they stopped raiding i went kinda back and forth for a while but ended up in Winds of Creation on daggerspine. Played with that guild for a While up until half way of BoT and BWD hc, at that time i got contacted by an old friend that i raided with back in Sad Pandas and he wanted me to join there newly started guild and start to build up something in the 10 man comunity so i did and i guess thats where the story starts.
After joining the guild that was named Fantastic Ten, i started to raid with them for a while and became officer and raidleader not to much later. At that time me and the guildmaster became a pair and from there me and her were to lead the guild for another 4 to 5 years.
With al the upps and downs that a guild has for that long of a time existing the progress was not to much to talk about, we didnt have the players that was good enough and we had problems raiding due to players leaving and joining etc so up until ToT we had some bad raids but we did try the best we could. we moved the guild to kazzak to make the recrutement better and it became alot easyer for us to sustain the raids. We named the guild Quintessence.
When we were progressing on HC Garrosh me and the guildmaster broke up, we told the players that we wanted to kill Garrosh and then end raiding to make it easyer for al raiders to find a new guild so we did and got a quite good rank at 572.
After that me and 2 of the top players in the guild went to Zenedar to a guild named Unexpected Veriable, there rank was 344 garrosh 25 man hc and 143 on 10 man hc. dont know my rank in 25 man because the first kill was before we joined that guild.
When WoD came out i played with Unexpected for a while but the guild even if it was good at the time we joined, was falling apard so thats when i figured with the kinda bad expansion overal to stop raiding for a while and take a break.
In Legion me and the 2 players started again but figured that it was time to create our own guild, we named it Team open Nord.
We didnt start the guild until the late end of Emerald Nightmare but in 5 raids we cleared al 7 bosses in mythic and thought that this was actialy going realy well. we did know that it was going to take some time before we could actialy compeat with the big boys but curve was a goal to stray for. In nighthold we started quite bad, didnt realy have the players to push the bosses down, got stuck on Krosus for a long time but we chatted with some players to join the guild and after that we became stronger, cleared 9 bosses and it felt good again.
The players we invited constantly irritated the officer team and didnt like the way we did things so they left the guild and a chain reaction come after. we lost 7 players and we were not able to even get to gul'dan at al. after 2 weeks of searching players we decided to quit the guild.//
So for the recent events after my first time applying to your guild.
I joined Trifecta shortly after my decline here in endless and played with them for not to long actialy. Shortly after, we hit the mistress wall in ToS and the fuckups was bad. it even went to the point of a guild disband. So when that happend Circinus recruted players they thought was good from Trifecta and i joined with them, i played through ToS and Antorus, got rank 310 world for KJ and 279 for Argus. So now comes the question, why leave.
The expansion was cleared and the long farm for mount and gear, for pride or just for fun etc started and i went for five weeks of farming. Everything was like normal, i played M+ and pubg with the officers and members but al of a sudden they were freezing me out and the officers pushed me out . Still to this day 2 month lated, i have no idee why. i have some speculations and so on. If its in your intresst i can share it but to write it on a public forum when im only speculating would be wrong from my part and i hope you understand.

Expectations - What do you expect from us and what can we expect from you:
A good raid environment with skilled players that can get the job done and a good leadership aswell as a fun and kind member community outside the raid.
What you will se from me is a player who always wants to get better  and strive to get as far as posible, if needed flexible when it comes to tank classes for the good of the progress.

Freetext - Anything else you wish to add? Your last chance to impress us!

Thank you for your time. I hope i wrote and answerd your questions to your liking.
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Re: Fjuttisar; Guardian druid.
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Hi there again, i was told to bring a combat picture, and get some logs. https://imgur.com/a/TrrBYPn
its not the best due to that i lost some of my WA's when i rebooted my comp.
i log'd hc and normal today, even if its not to much to say from them, and also tryed to PS some of the fights from my privete logs in the guild on mythic ( im no pro at photoshot so be kind with my media handeling) :). https://imgur.com/a/DyIhA6j
it was a wile back i did mythic now so its not the best uppdated ones but i found some atleast.

Also, will link the first kill on Aggramar from my twitsh: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/223421419
hope this helps and thanx for your patience


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Re: Fjuttisar; Guardian druid.
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Hi Fjuttisar,

Thanks for applying to us here in Endless. Officers have decided to decline your application, due to stronger applicants.