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[Withdrawn]Nazheem - Havoc DH
« on: June 25, 2018, 09:31:09 PM »
Character name: Nazheem

Battletag: blysku11#2101

My name is Grzegorz, you can translate it as Gregory I guess. Im 21 years old male from Poland.

Armory: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/azjolnerub/nazheem
Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/id/19767597#
Ui: https://ibb.co/nzf7VT
Speedtest: http://www.speedtest.net/result/7421662700

Yes, I have working mic

My statweights are crit > mastery > versa > haste > agi
Critical hits of my spender, chaos strike / annihilation, refound my fury. This is dh's most important stat. One button spec =)

Mastery increases chaos damage done, which is a huge part of my overall damage.

With more haste I can spend more gcds in a 8s demonic window, buffed by 4p t21 as well. Not the best stat but there are breakpoints for it, so whenever im close to getting one of them, value of haste increases.

Single target:
Blind fury - makes my eyebeam cast last longer, this allows me to get more resources and better synergy with head legendary when I use it.

Demonic Appetite - Provides me with a chance of getting fury and 5s cd reduction of eyebeam, thanks to one of my artifact traits.

Chaos Cleave - Increases damage of chaos strike / annihilation by 10% and makes it cleave for 10% of damage done. This is the main ability of havoc.

Netherwalk - 5s immunity

Nemesis - 25% dmg buff on a target. If the target dies, it gives me 25% dmg buff on all creatures matching the type of first target, which makes it viable for aoe fights as well.

Demon Reborn - Using metamorphosis resets cd on eye beam, aoe stun and defensive. Most useful talent in a row, makes opener much more better.

Demonic - After finished eye beam cast, this talent provides me 8s meta window. Current dh playstyle is about maximising uptime of metamorphosis along with t21 haste buff.

Add fight:

Talents for add fight are exactly the same as single target, however I can choose Unleashed Chaos talent instead of Demon reborn, which reduces cd of my aoe stun by 20s and makes it free cast. This talent is played mostly when group needs more add control.

I mostly check logs, search for information in class discords etc. Also I talk to more experienced players of my class if there's something I can not figure out by myself. Great fan of simulations btw

Raiding history: My raiding adventure started in ToS (8/9), and continued in Antorus (11/11)

Guild history and reason for leaving them: The only serious guild I've been before is Momentum.
I left because they will stay Alliance for BfA, which doesn't really suit me since most of my friends changed to Horde.

Expectations - I search for steady and active guild, place where I can improve and have some fun as well.
From me you can expect preparation for fights and punctuality. I hate any kind of drama so not gonna cry about being benched or loot distribution. Working as a team is more important than personal achievements. Criticism for me is a opportunity to make things better.

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