Endless - Kazzak

Registration Agreement

                                                                                                    GUILD RULES

1. Treat others as you yourself want to be treated.
2. Respect other member's opinions and religions.
3. We have strict no drama policy. Causing drama can result in guild kick.
4. Be prepared for raids: On time and tactics. During raids only say what is important. 'wtf killed me' is not.
5. Guild progression over personal progression. Being a team player is key. Only thinking about yourself, your gear and DPS meters will result in a removal from our roster.
6. You must be able to take constructive criticism and drop the ego. We are only trying to help each other.7
7. Do not participate in any activity that will put your account at risk. In other words do not violate Blizzards terms.
8. Always set a good example as a player when interfering with others in game. Be the bigger person. You represent us "Endless", and we do not want a bad reputation for bad player attitude/behavior.
9. Keep up to date with your class, including theory crafting, always try to push yourself and your limits.
10. Do not be introvert if you have any sort of issue. Talk to officers and they will do their best to solve your problem however small it may be. We want to make sure you are happy here.

How we handle loot during raids:

We have a Loot Council-Team here in Endless consisting of 3 raiders. They will make sure to distribute loot to benefit the guild in the best possible way. Every upgrade is an upgrade for the guild. Here we are gearing up a team, not you as an individual. DPS over Healers Over Tanks is where the priority lies.


Your trial period will last for four weeks (this is a total of 4 raid days). Us officers have the right to extend your trial with an extra week if we feel its needed - you will be informed if this happens.