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Title: [Accepted] Morigar - Arms / Fury Warrior
Post by: Morigar on January 02, 2019, 01:19:39 AM
Character name:


Introduction - Let us get to know you! (Please include Gender, Age and Country)
My name is Marvin and I am 25 years old, living in Norway.

I am a person driven by interests, and among those interests are WoW (particularly raiding) and my work. I work as a ICT consultant.

Please provide us with the following:
- Link to your armoury: https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/twisting-nether/Morigar
- Personal warcraft logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/id/10261824#partition=2
- A screenshot of your UI: https://imgur.com/a/7m5qmMN
- Connection info results: http://www.speedtest.net/result/7919103809
- Do you have a working microphone?
Yes I have a microphone

Stats - Please explain your stats priority and explain why you are using these.
I am basing my statweights often on what raidbots.com results in and with what I see others go with through warcraftlogs.com, but with that said, primarily going for haste.

Talents - Please explain your talent choices for a single target fight or an add controlled fight. And why you choose these talents.
Yet again I am basing my talent choices on warcraftlogs.com and raidbots.com.

Resources - Please tell us sources you follow to keep up to date with your class:
Most of the time I use the two previously mentioned sites, warcraftlogs.com and raibots.com, but I am also using sites like wowhead.com for the more basic stuff as well as the various discord servers, including Skyhold.

Raiding history:


Cleared most of the raids while they where current content (before the next raid).

BoT: 5/5 25 Man HC
Throne: 1/1 25 Man HC
Firelands: 7/7 25 Man HC
DS: 8/8 25 Man HC

Took a longer break during this expansion, came back for SoO.
SoO: 10 Man Cutting Edge

Highmaul: 7/7 Mythic
BRF: 10/10 Mythic
HFC: 13/13 Mythic - Cutting Edge

EN: 7/7 Mythic - Cutting Edge
ToV: 3/3 Mythic - Cutting Edge
Nighthold: 10/10 Mythic - Cutting Edge
ToS: 9/9 Mythic - Cutting Edge
Antorus: 11/11 Mythic - Cutting Edge

Uldir: 8/8 Mythic - Cutting Edge

Guild history and reason for leaving them:
The guild I am leaving now is named Azerite, I am leaving this guild because it's disbanding. Was a raider.

My guild during Legion and half of WoD was Echelon. Left this guild also because it disbanded. Was a raider.

The guild I was in for the first half of WoD was named Indignatio, a rather casual guild, I joined this guild late MoP after a break from WoW. I left this guild due the leadership being toxic. Was a raider.

The guild I was in before Indignatio was named Style, it was originally alliance on Frostmane. I stayed with this guild during the first raid of MoP as well as during Firelands and Dragon Soul in Cataclysm, I was in this guild as a raider. I left this guild because I had to take a break from WoW.

Before Style I was in a guild named Holy Warriors, at the start of Cataclysm and at the end of WoTLK. I was a raider in this guild and I left this guild because I wanted to progress with a more efficient guild than them.

Before Holy Warriors I was in several different guilds which I do not remember the names of, but it was throughout early parts of WoTLK.

Expectations - What do you expect from us and what can we expect from you:
I expect a healthy raid environment that relishes growth and endorse constructive feedback.

You can expect me to be a dedicated raider and to be a team player, while doing my best with my character in a raid situation and outside of raiding hours.

Freetext - Anything else you wish to add? Your last chance to impress us!
I have a youtube channel with some of my previous raiding experience and boss kills.:
Title: Re: Morigar - Arms / Fury Warrior
Post by: Shimara on January 04, 2019, 09:46:01 PM
Hello Morigar!

Thank you for applying to us here in Endless. Officers have decided to accept your application and offer you a trial spot in our guild.

Please prepare for the upcoming raid and download our requested addons- you can find everything you need in our forum under "Strategies". Please also request access on our spreadsheet found on our forum.

You may also whisper myself(Shimara), Ant or Fede for a guild invite.

Welcome and good luck!
- Shim